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Player wants to play a Super Intelligent Reality warping ben ten can I get help on the sheet ?


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Ok so I uploaded a text file of the character sheet. 


So far when I ask him what he wants to play. He seems to want a character who is so intelligent he can warp reality. He uses tat to change who he is to be like ben 10 and be able to change into at least 5 other forms. 


This is his first form called Alpha. Then he can copy other heroes 

Chance Powers.TXT

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I would say there are two problems with the character.  Now I usually play 5th edition, so I won't comment on the legality of the build.  I think there are a few questionable things with how it is done, but maybe not.  Other people can handle that aspect.


The two problems I see are these:


1)  The character is way out of balance with a traditional Champions campaign.  He's too strong, too fast, too tough, too smart.  He's going to steamroll most book villains, and most starting characters (such as the ones your other players will be using) are going to look pathetic next to him.  Now, if that's the kind of campaign you're running, I guess it's not a problem.  I've played characters who would smack him around without a problem, so I understand the attraction to playing a powerful character.  But you should realize when you bring up a character like this, that most people are going to look at him and go "oh, way too powerful".


2)  With that many limitations, the character is a disaster waiting to happen.  A -1 Side Effect is a major limitation, and this guy has it on virtually every stat and power he has.  You have a guy who should be losing his mind and becoming delusional just by standing there with his stats active.  He's an instant recipe for "crazy NPC villain".


I'd suggest looking at the stats in the published Champions genre books.  12D6 attacks, 8-10 OCV/DCV, defenses in the 20 to 30 range, 5-7 Speed, that kind of thing.  That's your average starting Champions character.  Cut the limitations way, waaaay back.  Once you get beyond -1/2 as an overall limitation, it becomes hard to manage.  Take the limitations off of his skills, that's usually not legal.  He can be super-genius level with a 30 Int or so.  He doesn't need an 88.  Smart enough to warp reality with his mind is just the special effect.  Give him KS: Cosmic Shortcuts or something and you're covered there.

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Apart from the fact that it's mostly abusive, and points mentioned above, just how does an energy-draining God remain in Deep Cover and maintain his Anonymity when just talking to people can freak them out?


A bunch of his "side effects" sound more like "Costs END" (which would reduce the value of the limitation, and clip his tactical wings rather). All his "Godlike presence" side effects are better covered with a distinctive features type Physical Limitation, I'd've thought.


He's stacking PD and ED from different sources, even if individual sources are within AP guidelines you might've set.


"Requires Characteristic roll" isn't a limitation if the characteristic roll in question is only ever failed on a natural miss.


How are any of the "perceivable" limitations on the skills justified? Can you literally see/hear the cogs turning?


How are "linked" powers that are linked to persistent other powers at all limited? They aren't, so he doesn't get to have it as a limitation on costs.


Not that you should argue it point-by-point: the whole thing needs chucking out, IMO, unless you're running a game of cosmic scale, where the heroes are supposed to go insane, indiscriminately drain entire city power grids to sustain themselves, and drive populations into rapture when they give a TV interview. Just because his mind is strong enough to warp reality, doesn't mean he can necessarily warp it that much, nor that he can warp it with enough control to magic up a "Living Super Suit" that's "difficult to replace".


The sort of "at will" power shown in the Multipower would seem to me to be better replicated with a Cosmic Power Pool. And remember that "needs an INT roll" isn't a limitation if the INT roll can be made "18-".

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Hmm.  For a character idea, I would be inclined to design a decent base character and have a multipower that has five all-or-nothing powers.  Each power would be related to a distinct physical shape.  base powers might be limited, boosted or advantaged based on the shapes.


this is more manageable than multiforms.  it should however give the feel the player is looking for....

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