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For the past several years I have run a lot of different games in various genres.  As a result have collected a HUGE number of HeroMachine images that I use for counters in my games.  I thought it was about time that I start sharing them with others.  Otherwise they are mostly just taking up space on my server, right?  Some of these are pics of published Champions characters so if there are any copyright issues please let me know and I will immediately remove them.  Others are original creations and you can just take what you want and have some fun with them.  If you aren't already using it, I highly recommend using Heromachine for those that want to create, relatively, quick and easy pics.  I personally use HM3 which has a steeper learning curve but use whichever version works best for you.  I have become relatively competent with it over the years but I guess I will leave that up to you.


Let me know what you think and if this is well received I will share more...


Without further ado....here are The Ultimates...



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On to some originals.  Here is my first ever Champions character, Wildcat, who had his debut (albeit in a different costume) back in the Summer of 1982.  His original costume was very reminiscent of a certain other clawed mutant with the mask of a dark knight.  He evolved into the zebra striped jumpsuit a couple of years later when he joined Freedom Inc.


Well back then my originals weren't all that original.  Here is Wildcat's teammate Powerhouse.  Obviously an homage to another living steel mutant.


Freedom Incorporated's resident speedster Streak...


Quasar, a living stellar battery...


The Mentalist, Mindbender, who came a while later...


And last but not least (for now) the weather manipulating Tempest...


I will post more later as I have some time.

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Thanks Acroyear!


Here are some of the ladies of Freedom Inc.


Angel, a beautiful winged woman and mutant biokinetic.  She and Wildcat are romantically linked.



This is Syfon, an homage to a power-stealing woman on a certain Mutant team in the comics.  She is married to Powerhouse.



And finally Siren, an homage to a certain Wailing mutant in the comics.



Next up some of Freedom Incorporated's villains.

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Next up Power Force!


Barrier, telekinetic and leader of the group.



Cinder, the hotheaded blaster.



Fortress, the womanizing, size shifting brick.



Glory, the seductive mentalist.



Panther, the wisecracking scrapper.



And finally, Slip, the sneaky, intangible, martial-artist.


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I haven't added anything to this in a long while so I just thought I would start it back up and see if there was still any interest.


I have been running a mutant based campaign online https://champions-mutant-chronicles.obsidianportal.com/ and have brought back some old 4th Edition characters that I have reworked for the game.  Here are a few that the players have already seen.




Murdock, TK, Troll, Blowout, Null, Void, Two-Time and Freeze Frame from The Mutant File and a couple of recent recruits Panther and Locks.


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Here is a few pics that I created of a team mentioned in Champions 6e but not shown nor written up anywhere.


The California Patrol


Downshift, Firewall, Sequoia, The Silicone Kid, Meteor Man, Zodiac Man and Faultline (in both Armored and Unarmored forms)



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These are really rather not bad (Brit speak: "very good")


Have you thought about putting them on DeviantArt or equivalent site?  The former even has a Champions Group to show them off in ( You might even find some images of heroes that look as if they have similar names to my submissions here :-)


Out of interest did you produce a character for "Locks"?  I'm wondering because if I guess she has living/prehensile hair, one of the Sentinels also has the power and it would be interesting to see how they compare (i.e. I'll like to steal any ideas you've had that I haven't! And vice versa of course!)



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Thanks for the compliment?  LOL


I don't currently have a DeviantArt login but may do that.  I will check on the Champions group if I do.  Thanks.


There is a write up on my Obsidian Portal page https://champions-mutant-chronicles.obsidianportal.com/ of the character back when she was a PC.  It hasn't been changed since joining IMAGE but it should give you everything you need.



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Other Brit speak available on request :-) 


eg  Brit says "That is very interesting"  Non-Brit thinks "He is impressed"  Brit means: "It is complete nonsense"


When I'm at meetings with international colleagues and doing a presentation, I always include a couple of slides of them - they usually get a good laugh.


The deviantart link is here http://championsonlineart.deviantart.com/


Very impressive setting and thanks for sharing it.  Perhaps you should put a link to it in your signature block?


I like Locks and the approach of using martial arts.  My character emphasises the strength and special attacks/powers approach instead.  I should be posting her (Mighty Girl) in a few days.



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This time I am going back to 3e with The Protectors from "To Serve and Protect".  An adventure that I recently ran in my Champions: The Mutant Chronicles campaign.


The Protectors


Quasar, Ace, Renegade, Dr. Wraithe, Huntsman, Helios, Maelstrom, Silverfist, Brainstorm and Doc Sonic



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