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DunDracon 2016

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DunDracon 2016, located at the San Ramon Marriott in San Ramon, California, goes from Feb. 12-Feb. 16, 2016,  This convention has consistently had a number of Hero System games in their scheduled games and in open gaming.  Who is going this year?

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I really used to want to go to this con, but as I have aged, I've become a social hermit. Large crowds of people overload my defensive awareness, causing me to get terrible migraines. I have a hard time walking in malls or grocery stores. A con would probably cause a three block explosion of green flame.

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Just to note, my game went off with out a hitch and I think everyone had a good time.  At the very least, we were probably the noisiest rpg group at 11:30 PM at the con with all the laughing and over the top roleplaying.



  1. Hit on Daphne of the Scooby gang and confirmed Fred's gay and Velma has a fetish.
  2. Was in a hot dog eating contest with Shaggy.  Created the first sighting of the human hot dog volcano and exceeded the spectacle of the costumed monster.
  3. Found the costumed "monster" haunting the board walk and unmasked him in typical Scooby fashion.
  4. Fought Eugene Woodcock aka "The Weatherman" and El Tiburon, the super-villain advertising for the Mexican mafia controlled gulf resorts.  The two together made the Sharknado.
  5. Saved people from being eaten by the Megalodon and helped Sheriff Fife maintain order.
  6. The stopped the Mansquito and Sharktopus.
  7. Got to date Catherine McPhee (the player made some awesome charm rolls).


What they did not do.

  • Never encountered Jason of Friday the 13th fame.  (good too, I think I made him too dangerous)
  • Never encountered the creatures of the food of the gods.
  • Never fought the mummy at CSAI.
  • Never encountered the Piranhaconda in the marine park.
  • Never encountered the Whalewolf in the wilds.
  • Never encountered the zombie bum encampment nor the universal soldiers sent to eradicate them.
  • Never fell for the Cabin in the Woods accounting group.

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