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Nightbane/Rifts conversions?


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Has anyone ever converted either Rifts or Nightbane to Hero system(for personal use only, of course)? I love the settings but absolutely loathe the rules, and I think Hero might be a good fit. I just got back into Hero this Christmas when I received Champions Complete. It's been decades since I cracked open a Hero System book and Champions complete is a lot easier to work with than I remember. If no one else has then I see what I must do:)

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I have created an alternate version that appears to work better for higher level MDC (such as Spluggorth, Intelligences, and the more powerful power armors). I will not post it here because of the aforementioned "sue at the drop of a hat", but if you want the guidelines and some Hero Design files, I will be happy to email it. Email me at davidkeen.nc@gmail.com and let me know that you are interested. I would also like other people's take on this and any Hero Design files/html/pdfs that you have.

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