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DC Movies- if at first you don't succeed...

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Probably so. But the superhero genre isn't primarily about what would happen, but about what we want to happen. It isn't the way the world is, but it's the world the way it should be. And it inspires

Great examples all. This reminds me of the GMs who complain that their players don't follow genre conventions. When we get in deeper, we discover the GM does not follow genre conventions.   Superma

The 2015 Fantastic Four.


I enjoyed the film for what it was. Although it was only FF in face value only, i.e. the bare minimum. 


Jem and the Holograms was the same, but felt it had a smidgen more respect for the cartoon it was based on.

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re:  Daredevil - The fight scene in the park with Electra and the teeter-totter completely ruined the movie for me.  I can accept the cheesy bits here and there that they threw into what was supposed to be a mostly serious movie...but that was over-the-top campy silliness that pulled me right out of the movie and ruined the Electra character IMO.

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Teh Bunneh has pointed out in a few conversations we've had over the respective DC/Marvel movies...


DC is running headlong from their past and their own stories over the years.


Marvel is mining it for the gold and trying to bring it to the masses as best they can.


We can easily see which one is succeeding here...

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I like comic book movies. BUT, DC is not alone in issues. All of the major Marvel sequels have been lame and riding on the coattails of the originals. And the X-Men based movies have mostly not stood up to repeated viewing for me at all, some I didn't even find interesting the first time, although there are a couple I haven't seen yet that have been recommended by friends, so I'm looking forward to seeing them.


This isn't even bringing up Hulk. Outside of The Avengers, there is strong argument to call each attempt a failure. There is no question that the Lou Ferrigno Hulk was more beloved than any other stand alone attempt at the character.


The problem for Superman is that fans do not want changes, and non-fans do not want to go see the same thing again. Superman is singular in being THE superhero, very difficult to pull that off at all.


Batman has yielded some of the most successful comic book movies for the longest, though there are plenty of dogs, and plenty of mediocre movies from that.

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