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Adventure Seeds for Star Hero... (Now with attachments!!) :)


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Attached are my notes for the Star Hero game that starts this Saturday.


The Player Characters are the Crew of a Pioneer (the Far Star II) vessel going off to search for habitable worlds, while having a secret mission of finding previous surveys that did not return.


Think of it as a bit of Traveller, with a heaping helping of Star Trek with a pinch of Saturday Morning cartoons sprinkled on top.


There will be one episode a week for a long time. I'm only up to Season 2, Episode 14, and I'm certain I've got more ideas, but I thought I'd let you guys see it and find out if I'm missing a trope or two somewhere. Note the general lack of detail. This is purposeful, as no "module" or "adventure path" survives contact with my group. They do not like rail-road plotlines and "So you do this..." kind of leading from their GM. So... they are very open ended.


If anything does not make sense, feel free to ask... If anyone wants to use these seeds, please do! I'd love to hear how your players tackled these situations.


Edit: Oops! :shock:

Pioneer Campaign Notes.pdf

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