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Variant Reputation System?


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Hi, I'm using 6th ed rules and trying to build a campaign set in Gotham where the player characters will be low-powered, street-level criminals.  I want to use this to explore some of the real world reasons and pressures behind criminality with the additional fun of the particular considerations and dangers of being a criminal in Gotham.  

A major consideration for the characters and something I'm seeing as a major focus or sort of a story-propelling conflict device is the idea of faction by faction reputation for each character.  Something like, if a character pulls off a robbery of an arms cache and some guys connected with Penguin's gang witness it or hear of it, that character's reputation with Penguin's Gang would increase.  This would then increase his or her odds of being recognized or warmly received by Penguin's Gang.  At the same time, if the GCPD got wind of this job through their informants, the character would gain negative reputation with them, again, increasing their odds of being recognized by GCPD though decreasing their odds of being trusted or treated well by them.


My question is this, has anyone here worked with a sort of "Sliding Reputation Scale" type game mechanic to track something like this? My idea is that, to these struggling criminals, reputation can and will be more valuable even than money.  I'd like to implement some way for the players to track this and really get into building their respective reps in Gotham.  


Any ideas or tips are greatly appreciated.  :)

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Rather than tracking separate scores for a lot of different factions, wouldn't it be easier to assume that "word gets around" and that if one gang knows you did something notable, they all will soon?


Maybe even balance reputation in one world against that in another - the more known and respected you are in the underworld, the more likely the police are to recognize you and suspect you of any crime in the vicinity....


Lucius Alexander


anonymous palindromedary

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Yeah, as I've been reading through the positive and negative reputation rules, I like that idea, Ninja-Bear.  Dialing back the scope of how wide the reputation reaches and specializing it for each particular gang seems a good method.  I especially like the idea of having the rep effect social interaction roles with the particular faction.  Thanks!  :)

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