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Jeff Anderson

Hero Virtual Tabletop Simplified Release > Character Spawner

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Having coded myself into a bit of a wall, I've decided to heavily refactor HVTT, this time using a way tighter object oriented approach backed with test driven development. I also want to release small functions, get some feedback, and control the quality of what is coming out.

With that in mind the  link below is to a simple GUI based character spawner that is easy to install and allows you to set up a roster of characters that can be easily re-spawned, moved around, basically taking some of the existing icon functions and adding a UI around it. Compared to the featureset of the orginal HVTT, this is deliberately unambitious, but feel like what I am building this time around has more legs from a technical perspective.

A short video can be found here...

Actual file here...

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The current code base was a bit of a mess and really hard to install.


I've gone back to the drawing board, hired two developers, and am putting something professional together. I'll need a couple of  months to get the first rev out, after which I should have something that promises to be an awesome experience for Champions fans. Stay tuned!

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