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Gaming Table I Built

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Wow, with the press of a button you can change adventure locations.  Totally making whiteboards and battlemats obsolete!?


Plus, there are literally hundreds (maybe even thousands) of maps available online, through various outlets. There are programs that can randomly generate maps, some of them quite good, also available. This is a rocking good idea that I have seen implemented a lot. If I had the talent, skill and a gaming group to make it worth investing in this sort of thing, I would go the exact same route.


Well done Urlord.

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I have found that using MS PowerPoint works fantastic.  I create the adventure in PP Slides and display it to the secondary monitor in Presentation Mode.

I have a piece of non-glare glass on top of the TV s we can draw on it with Expo Dry Erase Markers.  So beats a vinyl battle mat.

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Blueprints?  Cost?  Time to build?


I didn't use blueprints. I just saw one online that someone else made that was 4' x 4' and came up with a design of my own in my head.

With the wood, stain, polyurethane, cup holders (ordered from online), TV, wiring, four electrical outlets (one at each corner) and glass for top of TV I have about $600.00 in it.

It took me 4 weeks and about 100 hours to build.  I'm building another now for someone else.  He is paying me $1,800.00.

I probably won't build another after this one because that is a lot of time that I could be enjoying my own table.

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Awesome job! Are the book sized recessions for rolling dice?


The recessed areas are only 4" x 6" @ 3/4" deep.  They are for holding your dice.  We roll in the leather covered area on each side of the TV or sometimes on the TV itself.  Another reason for the piece of glass over it.


Thanks for the compliment.

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