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Hero Combat Manager - New Release 1.07

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Release Notes for v1.0.7

New Features:

  • Complete rewrite of underlying character management
  • Hit Locations
  • Hit Locations - Randomly rolled for NPCs
  • Target List:  Alphabetical would be best

Bug Fixes:  Most of these bugs came about during the rewrite of the underlying character management portion of the code.

  • Minimum Damage from Injuries
  • Aid/Drain adjustments on GM Attack screen don't display in Combat Table until next phase
  • AoE problems occur when target list only has one target
  • Creating squads of NPCs stopped working
  • Error message when the is a problem loading a combat record
  • Flash stopped working
  • GM Attack - An attack does not show up in main window and then the processing stop
  • NND attack doesn't seem to work
  • Needed to remove "Strength as a power" from the export file
  • Random order (within a DEX) was not working after changes to the new Characters data structure
  • Reflection shows up as a nd6 attack which it shouldn't
  • Strength Damage is not calculated correctly
  • Updates using GM Adjust causes 'screen bounce'
  • When Damage Reduction is selected no damage is applied

If you have previously purchased HCM, you should be able to download the new version from your client download area.


You will need to regenerate any Combat Records using the new export template.

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