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abort status

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Maybe is a bug but i explain the situation.


Character A (Dex 15 speed 4) attack Character B (Dex 10 speed 2) on segment 12. Character B abort to dodge is phase  12 and succeed. Character B can't  do nothing else on phase twelve. 


Go to segment 3 Character A attack again character B who still got is dodge active. Character A missed is attack. 


Go to segment 6 Character A attack again character B With is Dodge effect and The attack miss again but the Status of character B doest change after that. Normally is suppose to have a phase at is Dex but the status remain ''Abort'' Character B can do anything and everything go to segment 9.


So Character B abort in phase on 12 and when he reach the segment 6 who is suppose to get is phase normally anything change the status remain abort and character B can only have a phase on  segment 12.


Let me know


Thank you for your time and maybe i am not clear (Language barrier)







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Are you using the latest version of the software, 1.07 and did you use the latest HCM export template with the install?  I ask because I got a different result than what you described


Ok here are the steps I followed.

  1. I created two 6e Heroic characters.  The only stats I changed where DEX and SPD for character A.
  2. I exported both characters using the 6e HCM export template
  3. I loaded both characters and set them as NPC (just easier for testing)
  4. Combat started in 12
  5. Character A goes first, attacks, but Character B dodge and I select Abort Succeeded.
  6. Character A status is Acted.  Character B status is abort.
  7. Post 12 recovery
  8. Segment 3.  Character A is the only character visible on main window (as designed)
  9. Character A attacks - go thru the process of rolling and select Missed button.
  10. Segment 6
    1. Character A status is Ready
    2. Character B status is Ready

Try following those steps with your characters.  If that doesn't work please follow the instructions in the user manual for submitting a bug report.


Thank you

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