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Countries of the World Info

Dr. Arcane

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Does anyone know of an up-to-date version of the "Countries of the World" list from old Danger International (pp 135-141)?


I was kinda trying to update it, then thought "hey, wonder if anyone else has already done this?"


Since the original list is from the mid 80's (IIRC), it is horribly out of date (heck it lists EAST Germany and the USSR as countries).


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Are you looking for any info in particular about countries.

The original DI tables had Country, Capital, Languages, Standard of Living, Law, Government Type, & "Alignment" (East/West/Neutral).


  Most of this can be found on Wikipedia, but I'm having some trouble with SoL and Law ratings. And Wiki's Goverment explanations are long-winded at best.

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