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I feel this needs to be shared.  

You remember 4, 8, and 12 years ago a candidate going so far beyond the pale that their own party disavowed their statements? You remember former Presidents from the candidate's own party refusing to

Posted Images

Since election day is bound to be tense, adding a little levity to the mix:



George W. Bush, Barack Obama, and Donald Trump are dead and stand in front of God.


God asks Bush: “So? What do you believe in?”

Bush answers: “I believe in a free market, a strong America and a united nation.”

God says: “Very good. Why don’t you take a seat to my right.” And Bush takes his seat.

He turns to Obama and asks: “And what do you believe in?”

Obama says: “I believe in democracy, helping the ones who need it, and world peace.”

God says: “Very nice. Why don’t you take a seat to my left?” Obama sits down.

God turns to Trump and asks: “And what do you believe in?”

Trump replies: “I believe you're sitting in my chair.”



Okay, okay, if you don't like that punch line, we could go for this instead:


God turns to Trump and asks: "How the hell did you get in here? Security!"

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3 hours ago, TrickstaPriest said:

I find this is pretty instrumental in describing why I have issues with the way news covers Trump




Trump proclaimed an "invasion" of dangerous criminal immigrants. He warns of the upcoming presidential election being stolen through massive vote fraud. He claims that "leftists" are violently trying to destroy the American way of life. The idea of Trump attempting to prevent a panic is logically insupportable, as it would be completely opposite to his established pattern of behavior.

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Looks like election shenanigans are already underway.


From Republicans trying to invalidate 100k plus drive-in votes in Harris County, TX to Republican poll watchers being told they can't observe polls in Philadelphia.


It's not a good look when both sides are pulling shifty bs to try to win.


I have a preference in who wins, but I'd like to see somebody win rather than have this turn in to some contested 1824 style congress picks the president situation.


Stay safe folks - this has the potential to boil over badly.

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50 minutes ago, BoloOfEarth said:


Glad they got that sorted out, but I doubt that would have happened without the media attention.


The certificate says right on the top of it that the poll watcher can observe any location.  There was no confusion at all.  Just like the signs that were up at some locations telling people to vote Democrat.

These were not mistakes.  They were cheating that only rolled back in the face of public attention.


Not that Republicans aren't similarly using shifty BS in areas critical to them.


The only innocents in this game are the voters (the living ones, anyway.  ;)  )

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6 minutes ago, unclevlad said:

Also, for all we know, there may have already been as many poll workers at that location, as safe distancing would allow


That was literally my next question.  It sounds like a single poll watcher was being turned away by a single staffer.  That's... not evidence of cheating, or endemic of anything.  But I'm specifically pointing this out because people question creds all the time... a big part of stuff Dan and I do is that people don't do this enough😕

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2 hours ago, TrickstaPriest said:


What certificate?


Here's a picture of it.




It's pretty clearly stated that the watcher can go to any poll in the area.  In the video provided by the same twitter account multiple poll workers tell the guy he's not authorized at that location (which is clearly not the case).


Regardless of who wins I'm just hoping the shenanigans aren't so widespread that the legal challenges prevent a clear winner.  It's better for everyone if there's a winner one way or the other in the next few days.

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Won't lie:


My dog never wins this race.  Not even once.


But I don't get the stress thing.  It's just life: it kills you or it doesn't.  No amount of worry, stress, panic, concern, or sitting up straining your eyes and ears is going to change what happens.  All that being true, I just don't get stressing.   Don't bother with "but if this one wins, then that" or anything like that:  I'm not ignorant of what's at stake.   I just don't see wasting effort on stress-inducing fretting that is better spent on coping and continuing on.


Anyway, I'm up too late.   I have never been to this thread (that's an on-purpose thing, really).  I came in tonight because I thought there might be some jubilant celebrating of the election process, etc.  I did like the "two friends" story, though: that was funny.   :lol:



Though if you're one of the conspiracy theory types, my own polling location (local police department) had two cops 'commenting' on each person or group walking in:  "oh yeah; you know he's going to vote right: he's got work boots on" and "they're fine.  You can tell they know who to vote for...."   That sort of thing.


And the guy walking us from where our ballots were printed to where they are scanned (new thing this year; can't say I like it) was wearing a MAGA cap  (I refuse to call a baseball cap a _"hat"_ under _any_ circumstance).  

Those will probably keep people busy.


Realistically, though:  the cops said nothing endorsing any candidate, were not intimidating (unless "annoying" is intimidation, of course), though it did seem extremely unprofessional.  And Mr. Matt--- well, you've got to know him, I guess, and in a town this side, we all do.  Mr. Matt is in his eighties and will wear any cap someone hands him.  He loves the things.  I'm pretty sure if I'd handed him one saying something incredibly lewd, he'd have put it on and never batted an eye....


The only "intimidation" I saw today was a group of racists riding by the plant at break today.  A lot of the latino guys sit out by the road and eat lunch together when the weather is good, and they were today (my lunch is on a different schedule from the rest of the plant, but the only important part of that is I got to see this, and it was hilarious).  Two middle-aged white men (I know one of them, and I'm willing to be that the other one was just as racist as the one I knew) slowed down, blew the horn, shoved a MAGA cap out the window and made threatening faces and "finger guns" at the latinos gathered out there.  Over half of them opened their coats to show off Trump shirts.  I about fell out of the skid steer laughing at the looks on the faces of the guys in the truck.    :rofl:





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If someone can take MI, WI both then PA probably wont (barring a true GA upset for Biden)


Last I checked Mi and WI seem to be leaning Trump.

Just now, Badger said:

If someone can take MI, WI both then PA probably wont (barring a true GA upset for Biden)


Last I checked Mi and WI seem to be leaning Trump.

I should mention Wi Biden could flip. MI Hhad a 10 point difference and not sure an Avenue can be found to make up that difference.

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I decided to take a Valium, and then watch Beauty and the Beast (from 1991). I'm pretty sure that it was the correct decision.


Nevada only has about 5% of the vote reported so far, and it's all from rural counties that always vote Republican. It will be a while before Clark and Washoe counties report, and they usually go blue enough to take the whole state. We'll see if that holds.


And now, I'm off to bed.

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Trump wins Florida. The story I read said that his support came largely from white folks who "don't believe racism or climate change are a problem".


Looks like he's also won Ohio and is leading in Pennsylvania and Texas.


I've got a bad feeling about this.

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