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I feel this needs to be shared.  

I applaud the ten Republican Representatives who voted to impeach Mr. Trump, as well as the seven Republican Senators who voted to convict. I know it was a difficult decision that will probably come b

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If you're wanting a really good breakdown of how votes are coming in in various states so you can tell whether Trump leaning votes are being counted and reported first or whether it's Biden's being counted first, I highly recommend MSNBC.


Wisconsin is counting and reporting absentee ballots separately from early voting ballots and from election day ballots. The big metro areas of the state haven't reported absentee ballot totals which are expected to be heavily Democrat. And they aren't expected to be reported until 3 a.m. Eastern time at the earliest. So we're not going to have a real handle on the race there for hours yet.


Michigan is a patchwork of reporting. Some locales are counting and reporting absentee along with other votes. Some are counting and reporting absentee separately (which generally means they're reported slower than in-person voting).

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I've been watching the Australian coverage of this. Actually, given that I have a TV on in the background, I still am.


Anyway, the thing that has struck me the most is that the US system is extremely gerrymandered.


The term gerrymander originated from the US, but it perfectly describes how US presidential and Senate elections work.

My evidence for this is how many states have only three electoral college votes in play. Unless I am mistaken (I've looked it up, but, you know), the formula for determining electoral college votes consists of the number of Senators, plus the number of representatives in the House of Reps/Congress. So that means that there are whole lot of states that only sent one Representative to Congress. The number of them is based on population. States with next to no population have a disproportionate influence on the composition of the Senate and on who gets elected as President. That's a gerrymander.

US elections are not democratic.

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28 minutes ago, Starlord said:

I'm guessing 284 Trump, 254 Biden.


So 4 more years.


Nah, Biden is ahead in Wisconsin with absentee ballots still out in Green Bay and one of the other large metro areas (the city of Kenosha itself). Trump doesn't look to have a way back into the lead.


Biden's ahead in AZ and NV. He's got 3 of Maine's 4 electoral votes.


I think he's got Georgia since the outstanding votes are all in major metro area absentee votes which have been splitting 85-15 in Biden's favor.


Biden's got 285+.


As of 5 a.m. EST

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47 minutes ago, Starlord said:

Unsurprisingly, it looks like Trump has already falsely claimed victory and attacked legitimate vote-counting.


Trump was on TV talking about how we needed to stop people voting, hours after polls had closed everywhere. People assumed Trump meant that we needed to stop counting the votes.


But at the same time, his campaign was sending out angry notices to Fox that they shouldn't have called AZ for Biden because hundreds of thousands of ballots had yet to be counted and that every ballot HAD to be counted.


I never really wanted to live in the story of Alice in Wonderland but here we are.

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USPS disregards court order to conduct ballot sweeps in 12 postal districts after more than 300,000 ballots cannot be traced


U.S. District Judge Emmet Sullivan of the District of Columbia had given the mail agency until 3:30 p.m. to conduct the "all clear" checks to ensure there would be enough time to get any found ballots to election officials before polls closed. His order affected 12 postal districts spanning 15 states.


At 5 pm on election day, the post office presented the court with a filing saying that it wouldn't comply in order to finish the sweep by 3:30 p.m. so as "to better accommodate inspector's schedules" which has them doing normally doing sweeps between 4pm to 8pm.


The ballots had to be received from the post office to the board of elections between 5pm to 8pm (varying according to the state). Conducting the sweep after it was too late to deliver the ballots was the whole reason the judge ordered the sweep to be moved up in the first place.


Oh, well, it was only 300,000+ ballots. I'm positive that it had absolutely no impact on any of the elections in those states....




(If anyone knows the names of the 15 affected states so that I won't have to look them up after I get 8-12 hours of sleep, I'd be DEEPLY appreciative if you'd post the list.)

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13 minutes ago, Starlord said:

You'd think this would be a death knell for Presidential polling and so-called polling experts but, hey, meteorologists still have jobs so....


Oh I think a lot of Americans would like to slap "polling experts". 2016 already scared a lot of folks, 2020 may have folks just ignore the polls all together. Which might be for the best.  

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Accuracy in polling depends on honest responses from those being polled. If people don't feel comfortable with their opinions--being ashamed to admit they support a certain candidate, let's say--the polls are guaranteed to be off. Garbage in, garbage out.

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