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Hi, this was a fail. Don't look at this

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Many jobs ago a coworker of mine managed to get third degree burns on her hand when she microwaved her coffee in a new ceramic mug with a silvery glaze.  On the underside of the mug, in extremely fine print, it read DO NOT MICROWAVE.



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On 3/1/2021 at 5:40 PM, Pariah said:

Ugh. Somebody on my floor has burned popcorn in the microwave.


I'm outta here.


One of the people I shared a house with during my freshman year at college was one of the most forgetful people I've ever known.  He would *always* put popcorn into the microwave, then walk away and forget about it, so our place frequently smelled of burnt popcorn.  It got to the point that my brain would smell popping popcorn and immediately associate it with the burnt smell that was soon to follow, and turned me off popcorn for life.  


The worst was when he had chicken for dinner one evening, and decided to use the bones and scraps to make chicken soup.  He put them in a pot on the stove (with a lid on), turned the burner on low... and then of course forgot about it.  Overnight, all of the water boiled away, and the chicken and bones burned to a crisp.  The next morning, I smelled the lingering smoke, went into the kitchen, noticed the burner still on low, and made the mistake of taking the lid off the pot.  I got a face full of smoke.  I was in my Air Force ROTC uniform, which then reeked of smoke for weeks.  (I was a starving college kid, no money to have it dry-cleaned.)


Looking back, it's a miracle that place didn't burn to the ground while George lived there.

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