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Monster Mayhem

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I debated posting this. After the Creeper it seemed to fit, but has important differences. For one thing its not a page long, and was campaign specific so to do the whole thing would require rewriting. So I'm just going to do a quick breakdown of the adventure. For now... after all every good horror movie has a sequel.




Monster Mayhem



A strange series of articles appear in the paper during the week. First young socialite Karen Whitaker claims a vampire stole her jewelry. Then businessman Fredrick Stern claims a giant corpse like man with stitches stole a briefcase full of bearer bonds. Finally Grant Maxwell claims while walking through the woods he was robbed by a werewolf.


When I ran the adventure the heroes knew two of them.


Late one night the heroes are going down the street when a mummy runs out of a building and towards an alleyway. The heroes of course try to give chase when an old man collapses on them, and begs them to help him with his medicine. If any of the heroes are still chasing the Mummy as they get to the end of the alley they get jumped by two thugs.


What’s going on? A master hypnotist has seen too many horror films from a particular studio. He decided to play them out in real life, and hypnotisted a lesser hypnotist to be the vampire, a muscleman to be the creature, an acrobat to be the werewolf , and a man about town to be the mummy. The hypnotit disguises himself usually in a trenchcoat, floppy hat, surgical bandage around his face, and dark glasses. He also uses his skill at disguise to be on hand at the robberies, so he can make a distraction if it seem a “monster “ is about to be caught. Now that he has some money he has also hired some goons as backup.

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