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2k4 vs 2k16 hudson city


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Hudson City came out on 2004, 12 years (or so) ago. When do you run your game? 2004 or more modern times?


While locked up we had one guy who ran DC (HI Dave!) who ran it in 2004. I personally ran mine in 2013. With the internet you can run a game in almost any year with all the information at your finger-tips


Recenetly I printed out about 30 pages for Dave. Listings of movies, books, and events for last 2003- to mid 2006. Enough material for him to run a 2004 game for awhile.

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Well it does have the advantage of the gm being assured of the players showing up.


As to the question unless doing a specific time period genre I tend to be vauge about the actual year game wise. After all Reed and Ben were vets of ww2, korea, and Iraqi as 50 years passed.

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