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Tom Clancy: The Division


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I've very recently started playing The Division, and it got me to wondering a few things about doing it as a Hero campaign so I thought I'd ask the forum for advice and opinions.


1) How many points would be reasonable for a PC? I'm wondering if Powerful Heroic might be better than Heroic to simulate characters in the game.

2) Could Hudson City be modified to use as the setting, or would it be better to stick to New York? How would you suggest cutting off Hudson City?

3) What package deals in Dark Champions would fit best with this setting? I'm thinking just the military ones?

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I actually have not purchased this yet but I am very interested in playing. I can only judge based on the live action promo trailers, which paint the heroes as very competent special forces types.



  1. Build a PC using one of the Special Forces templates from Dark Champions. That would give you an idea of the points you need.
  2. I would say that Hudson City is perfect, even if only parts of the city are affected. You can always fall back on the very quickly erected wall trope. I will have to pull up my Hudson City map to give you a better answer.
  3. The heroes all seem to be some sort of special forces. I would start with things like the SEAL package or the Army Ranger package. 


Good idea for a game. 

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Played it. My first instict was actually comparing it with Shadowrun setttings.

It is a covershooter in a area where law has broken down/a lot of factions vie for control.


1. I would tend them to be of the higher end of the spectrum. If nothing else it gives you more wiggle room regarding the opposition. Remember that in the game you play as 2nd Wave Agent. And as far as I can tell, the 2nd Wave is better trained (but not equipped) then the 1st wave.


2. This is the 2nd time in recent fiction (inlcuding "The Dark Knight Rises") where New York/Gotham has been cut off. It has the unique advantage that it is surrounded by water, so only a few Bridges need to be blocked in order to make a quarantine.

The rest can be done by the coastal guard/harbor patrol. Or just the fact that with bridges few people have boats.


The best way to block travel is a mountain/rockface. It simple takes to long to get through mountain

Water comes second

Flat land is third. While you can still move across, it is hard to hide on the open terrain. And potential guards have good firing/sight fields on anyone trying to make a escape.


3. In the game the characters must be fighters, because this is a cover shooter game. They use ISAC as a crutch for clear friend/foe identification, even against random looters. The also have no moral choices whatsoever.

But for "Preserving/Restoring civilsiation" a lot of other skillsets might be nessesary and usefull. I would again look at the Shadowrun setting. Even with Magic cut out, there is still two Fighters (short and longrange), the Face and the Hacker/Mechanic as viable roles.
Not to mention minor stuff like Medics.


One of the creepier things behind the Division is that all agents are sleeper Agent in the own population. At least many find it is creepy. I think it was a genius decision:
1. It gives them personal knowledge of the area they are opeartiong in

2. It gives them additional/diverse skillsets based on ther cover identity.

3. As one recording pointed out, they will not "take over". "They got lifes and families to go back too, after this is over."

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