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Eberron HERO: has anybody taken a swing?

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So, my beloved S/O has decided that she, along with another dear friend of ours, wants to GM something in the Eberron setting. For a variety of reasons, they're considering Hero, probably Fantasy Hero Complete, as the system for this endeavor. I was wondering if anyone had taken a swing at this before, or if there are any recommendations?


A couple things to note:


  • This is not supposed to feel like standard D&D. Both GMs harbor a burning hatred for D&D in general, and are definitely not trying to replicate its feel
  • They want different kinds of magic to feel different. Wizards, Sorcerers, Dragonmark magic - all should feel distinct.
  • This is designed to be a political intrigue game, that branches out into the occasional expedition. But courtly intrigue first, monster-thwacking probably third at best.
  • Neither of the GMs has run Hero before, though one of them was a player in my brief wargamey Hero sessions, and enjoyed it quite a bit.
  • Both are very "Simulationist" from a GNS theory perspective - they like solid mechanical representation of things.

Anyway! I was wondering if the Herosphere had any thoughts on the matter?


Thanks, all!

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You might get more responses in the Fantasy Hero subforum for this one.


My only familiarity with Eberron is through DDO, so I can't be of too much help.


Killershrike has a lot of good stuff on his site. While he does have some more direct interpretations of various flavors of D&D, you could also just mine the site for ideas on a lot of different magic systems, paying attention to how different advantages and limitations, frameworks, etc. are used to add distinction to the various systems.


Good luck!

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