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Your Supervillain Name And Title!


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Apparently I'm Tidal Shot, the Hated of the Living.


In other words, I'm pretty lame. :(


That should drive you to even greater acts of villainy to prove you're not as lame as everyone thinks.  Also, you should get a costume that's all black leather, with lots of metal spiky bits.


Something like this, I think--




There's no reason I can see why a man couldn't pull off that look.



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Looks like I made a mistake when I read it over my cell phone. I'm White Wizard, The Ruler of the Living. That is much more better than killing the living. What would I use all those body parts for anyway?

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For people I know funniest is my dad whose ended with



Quake Fist, The General of Lust.


:rofl:  :fear:




Note:  Almost as bad (and probably a henchman of the above character) is one of my old college gamer friends who got: White Whip, Mercenary of Lust

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