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Blatant Podcast Plug - 5th Edition Champions Sessions

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Well, there's no way for me to handle STUN/BODY counting in full without an API scrip. Even the in-game macros don't really work cleanly for that, because they don't handle the individual dice values separately (cannot "count" the number of 6s versus 1s, for example).


What I ended up doing, and which has been perfectly acceptable, is to roll Xd6 damage dice and sort the results in descending order for ease of referencing the 6s and 1s. Then I compare the number of 6s to 1s and come up with my BODY total that way. (10d6 damage rolled is 10 BODY plus 1 for every 6, minus 1 for every 1). People familiar with Champions can do the math in their heads already, like RPG Rainmen.


So, it is not terrifically automated. I'm not a huge fan of that anyway, because it messes with flexibility sometimes. A "one button attack/damage/hit location" tool might be good, but it might also remove some variance that I might apply if I wanted.

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