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@Ghost Dancer, do you want maneuvers that are already listed or are custom maneuvers ok? And do you want maneuver names from listed Arts or custom names? For example Martial Strike often is named Punch and I could list it from Karate or I could name it Fist Strike and just say that it’s part of Taiho Jutsu.

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7 hours ago, GhostDancer said:

@Ninja-Bear, custom Manuevers and names are great. If I put together a 5er version of this, I would use the Aaron Allston errata Nerve Strike, which is a Killing Strike that Does No Body (-0).

I have AA’s NH errata and I don’t remember seeing that!

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Ok, @Ghost Dancer off the top of my head:

Offensive Disarm (it has better chance to hit)

Basic Strike

Martial Grab (one handed joint kicks might be more realistic but they’re more a pain in game)

Legsweep (as just a take down)

Ooh just thought of this custom maneuver;

Control: +0 OCV +2 DCV  +10 STR for Control (as in Grab and Control) Must Follow Grab


Hows that for a start?

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