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All of the websites where I knew it was stored are gone to the obliterating tides of time.... and not a small number of people have emailed me in the past year or so asking where the copy I was hosting was, as it returned a SQL Database error.


As bigdamnhero has requested one for his new campaign, and as I'm a player I thought it best to help the GM out, I found my original files (3 archive hard drives deep and counting... I need a better system) and found all the backend logins I needed, fixed it all up, and we're back.


It was originally built in the days of "Disadvantages" and "Limitations" instead of just "Complications" and so that stands - because this was a quick and dirty fix, not an update; but for new players the terms are functionally interchangeable, don't let that stop you from using them, enjoy.




(you know what I also found... the abandoned Master Index Cross Reference Project... If I get bored this summer the Online 5th Edition Master Index may find the light of day yet.)

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Glad you were able to fix it up.


Here's the wayback machine link I'd been using as a work around:



Here's the 6e replacement that is much slower to use:





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Unfortunately, recent family history* has given me way too many points in KS: Effects of Strokes.


A stoke is actually an event, not an ongoing condition. So the better way to frame it is to ask what specific physical after effects does the character suffer as a result of the stroke, and build Complications around those effects. Effects vary wildly from case-to-case and individual to individual, and most can change (hopefully improve) over time with proper treatment, etc. So basically they can be as minor or as severe as you want them to be. I'd build them all as Physical Comps, since you don't really get an EGO Roll to overcome them. You might see any or all of the following:


Slurred Speech: Infrequently, Barely Impairing, 5 points. The character slurs their words noticeably, as if they'd had too much to drink, but is usually understandable. The effects normally get better after weeks-to-months of speech therapy. (Alternately this could be built as Distinctive Appearance if it doesn't actually impair the character's ability to communicate?)


Aphasia, Expressive: Frequently-to-Very Frequently, Slightly-to-Greatly Impairing, 15-25 points. The character has trouble remembering the right words, and sometimes uses the wrong words seemingly at random. It sometimes resembles a severe stutter, but the problem is cognitive - the character can't think of the words they want to use. The effects may get better after months-to-years of speech therapy.


Aphasia, Receptive: Frequently, Slightly-to-Greatly Impairing, 15-20 points. Often seen alongside Expressive Aphasia, the character can hear normally, but has difficulty understanding speech. Talking slowly may help the aphasic character understand better. It may or may not also extend to reading text, etc. The effects may get better after months-to-years of speech therapy.


Weak On One Side: Infrequently-to-Frequently, Slightly Impairing, 10-15 points. One side of the character's body is at -5 STR, -5 DEX, and all related skills. Frequency depends on whether it's the character's dominant side or not. The effects often get better after weeks-to-months of physical therapy.


Paralyzed On One Side: Frequently-to-Very Frequently, Greatly Impairing, 20-25 points. One side of the character's body is functionally paralyzed. Frequency depends on whether it's the character's dominant side or not. The effects sometimes get better after months-to-years of physical therapy.


Strokes can also result in Poor Memory, Poor Balance, or Poor Eyesight, both of which are already on the list, along with a host of various cognitive and/or personality changes. Plus, y'know, death.


Wow, how's that for an incredibly depressing topic!


* I didn't post this looking for sympathy, so thanks but let's just skip the obligatory "Sorry for your unspecified losses" posts.

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May I add my belated thanks to G-A for putting the lists together in the first place.  They've been great at helping me flesh out characters.  I just wish we could "Like" something more than once. 


(And kudos to LL as well for the searchable HTML version.  Very nice!)


BDH, I'll skip the other comments as requested, but I commend you for your well-articulated breakdown of possible stroke effects.  Only a true Hero gamer would take the horrid effects of something like a stroke and break it down into game effects.  (And to avoid misunderstanding, I'm meaning that as a compliment.)  When you go to a wedding, do you spend at least a few moments seeing the church as a giant hex-map and idly imagine a super-fight taking place there?  Or is it just me that does this?

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