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Superhero stats?

Super Neko Majin

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I can't seem to find stats for most superheroes in this game. I have the Champions themselves and a few other people from Champions Universe, along with more supervillains than I can count, but I have yet to find any info for hero stats, even for prominent ones like the New Knights and the Sentinels. Also, I know he's been dead for ages, but are there any stats for Vanguard? Thanks.

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A fair few superheroes were statted out for 5th Edition. Not Vanguard, IIRC.


Converting them to 6e wouldn't be too hard. In any case, it should be straightforward enough to read their stats, even if you don't want to do formal conversions.


You'd need to dig through a lot of the old 5e books, including Digital Hero, the old Hero Games magazine. I believe a fair few can be bought from the Hero Games store as PDFs.

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Of the currently-available books with full character sheets for official Champions Universe heroes, only a few are for Sixth Edition Hero System. The Champions genre book (not Champions Complete) has stats for the Champions hero team as they were at the beginning of their careers. The current edition of Champions Universe details more experienced versions of the Champions, as well as the All-American, Black Mask X, Dr. Silverback, Silver Avenger Mayte Sanchez, and Victory. Andre Almena and other generic StarGuard sheets are in Champions Beyond.


Among Fifth Edition books, a few have the highest concentration of heroes. Champions Universe: News Of The World writes up the full lineups of the Sentinels and the Justice Squadron, as well as Nighthawk and his allies in his anti-VIPER team, Project Mongoose; and one independent hero, the Messenger. Champions Worlwide provides 5E character sheets for several heroes each from western Europe, Russia, the Middle East, Africa, India, East Asia (China/Japan/Korea etc.), Latin America, and Australia; as well as villains from those regions. Champions Of The North details Canada's premiere hero team, StarForce, plus three solo heroes. Teen Champions stats several teams of young supers: the senior class at Ravenswood Academy, the Motor City Defenders, and Nova. Other hero character sheets are scattered among the 5E source books for Millennium City and Vibora Bay, as well as UNTIL: Defenders Of Freedom, and the 5E edition of Champions Universe. There may be one or two others somewhere I've forgotten.


Because most game groups have a much greater demand for villains to fight than for NPC heroes, hero compilation books reportedly sell much less than villain books, which is why DOJ Inc. (creators of the current official setting) didn't publish one.

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Aaand literally the topic right after this has all the answers I've been looking for.




Just be aware that only a few of the characters from the Fourth Edition Kingdom of Champions are mentioned in the context of the current setting (in Champions Universe). A few members of the London Watch are the same, but the current lineup of the New Knights of the Round Table isn't even named in CU, nor are any of the solo heroes from KoC. The roster of the Nightwatch is entirely different. The few UK villains mentioned in CU are not the ones from KoC.

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