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WWYCD: Star Bright's Supernova Blast

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Your character's team recently took on a new member: Star Bright. She's a fairly standard Energy Projector type who gets her powers from a Cosmic Gemstone she wears around her neck, and which apparently fell to Earth one night as a shooting star. Star Bright is something of a rookie, but she did at least manage to come in handy in one very tough fight recently. During said fight, she attacked a particularly powerful and dangerous villain with her "Supernova Blast." The villain went down for the count, though Star Bright collapsed shortly after as well. Turns out this powerful attack takes quite a toll on her every time she discharges it (in game terms, it consumes all the END she has plus some STUN). As a rule, she only uses it as last resort, and she has to be sure to make the shot count; because if she misses, she'll be a sitting duck afterward. If asked if there are any other drawbacks to using the Supernova Blast, she states that she doesn't know; there's a lot about the Cosmic Gemstone that's still a mystery to her.



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Some other characters I've had might be more interactive.  Not sure if Badger would get much involved on this one.  Since he legitimately believes sacrifice is sometimes necessary in battle.  ANd he doesn't have a problem with that when it comes to himself.  He'd probably make a point  that she should understand where her powers come from, and what they do.  And she better know what she is willing to do or give up in her doings.  But, ultimately that is her responsibility, f she wishes to take on that life  (affects on teammates/civilians could make the decision varied on his part)


Note: In any case, he has overextended his abilities multiple times.  Part of the consequences of the life chosen.

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Most of the supers I've played would encourage her to find the limits of her power under controlled conditions to best know when and how to deploy it "safely".


Neutron (density-shifting, gravity-controlling brick) would go a little further and tell her not to use it unless the team was really on the ropes.  When it was needed, he'd attempt to assist by locking down the target (bodily if necessary; he's overly confident of his own invulnerability) to ensure she didn't miss.  He'd have a code-phrase to specifically call out this maneuver.

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Quasar - Ensure that she gets plenty of training time using her powers with other members of the team, including cross-training with units of Primus as well as the local and state police.  We'll give her opportunities to use her Supernova Blast under controlled conditions, as well as experiment with other powers she may or may not have.


Mystica - Examine the Cosmic Gemstone to see if it has any magical properties.  If it does then Mystica will becomes VERY involved in her training to ensure she doesn't unleash anything unexpected, and she will begin a through investigation of the origin and background of the stone.  If the stone is not magical then Mystica will treat Star Bright like the other members of her team, which means she will ignore her.


ShadowhunterYou said she's a rookie so I'm guessing that means she young.  Shadowhunter would ply her with Long Island Ice Tea until she was good and drunk, then get her out of those tights.  Introduce her to a little Supernova Blast of his own.  Oh Yeah.  So young but still of age, right?  Wait!  Don't answer that.  No need.  That's what Secret Identity is for in the first place.  Oh Yeah....

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As a player I would say:

Only use it as last effort. And then only after they rest of the team created a "clear shoot" (entangle, grab or forcing the target to abort to the wrong kind of defensive action). And train to get the power under control. And not only by directly using that power, more training with other powers of the stargem might unlock a deeper understanding of how the Supernova blast works.

And all my characters have enough general intelligence or combat experience to see it like that.



Specific Heroes:

Septa - the amnesiac wielder of the 6-elemental staff would see some similartities between the Supernova Blast and how her fire element works. Fire has the drive to burn through it's entire fuel as quickly as possible. As such a user must "slow it down" - learn to understand it's "Elemental instinct" and then take control over it.
That means she might be able to help with it.


Violet Flower (a Star Saphire corp expy) would wonder/should be able to detect if the Stargem is another one of the Violet Flowers. They can take some really odd shapes (not all of them involving a violet color or flower shape) depending on thier users.

It might even be related to the reason she travelled to earth for (she can travel interstellar, but that costs a lot of energy; and burning through a lot of energy causes some level memory loss; she went to earth for some really important reason, but can't remember it)


Grey Angel would look up in her atlernate humanity timeline database, but that one is a bit incomplete after the 2 extra World Wars and 2 planetary Exody. Asuming she finds nothing there, there is little she can do to help. Her powers are technology and training based. That is a power artifact of alien origin.

She could perhaps provide a underground training room in her base, that would be it. And she does not like letting people into her base, especially other supers.

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Merlin would be grateful she joined the team (they can use reinforcements) and would encourage her to develop her powers more, perhaps setting her up with more experienced energy projectors to assist in training her. He would also see if other heroes would better know of the origin of her powers - cosmic gemstones, of meteoric origin or otherwise, are not ten-a-penny, you know. And he'd be quite intrigued in this new young woman in the party, too, on both a personal and professional level.


Casey would be amazed by the level of power (his group is relatively low-powered), and curious about her origins - where'd the big rock from space come from? Why does the gem tire her out? Is there a way to keep her from "discharging her battery" so quickly when she uses it at maximum strength? Can more than one person lend her more power? (Casey, being a car, would think of it in terms of "needing a jump"). Also, he'd try to find out - is the gem good or evil? His former master knew of many people and beings with enchanted gemstones who weren't very nice. Even if Star Bright herself is good, the gem might not be. He's a bit innocent, but not so naive as to trust some things entirely.

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