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I think you could call Pokémon a member of either or both the "Tournament" or "Adventure" genres. As a cartoon it also has some elements of the "Slice-of-Life" genre. As a video game series it falls squarely into "JRPG" style of games, which are characterized by having multiple, variable party members, random encounters, leveling progressions, and turn-based combat systems (it is unusual in that generally only one party member fights at a time).

As a HERO system game, a pokemon campaign would most likely fall into Teen Champions, Urban Fantasy, or Monster Hunter International (though I know very little about MHI, so I can't be sure about the latter).


In HERO system, most pokemon trainers would function as a kind of technology-based summoner; with a stable of friendly (or even slavishly devoted) specific summons. Limits on how many pokemon they carry into battle, and the fact that trainers rarely (if ever) participate in battle themselves are entirely arbitrary, and matters of the educate of the setting. Moreover the world's lore provides examples of human martial artists sparing with their pokemon, and infer that during wartime human soldiers fought alongside their pokemon, or used pokemon as living weapons against other humans.

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