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Changes after Nemesis - Spoilers

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Finally got around to picking up the RPG and prepping to run it for my gaming group. It seems a little unfortunately timed that the RPG came out Legion since there were major changes that happened in Nemesis and there was almost no time gap between Legion and Nemesis. If you are setting your game, like I will be after Nemesis there are some major changes especially with the MCB.

Dwayne Myers is dead.

Director Stark has "retired" from MCB for medical reasons.

The new Acting Director of the MCB is Cueto. Cueto was a Strike Team "trigger puller" who worked his way up to unit commander. Described as a shaved head, muscular, grizzled looking warrior. Was a old friend and confidant of Myers. Recruited from the Army. Was with the teams that died in Natchy Bottom before Owen rolled back 5 minutes of time. 


Beth Flierl is the new head of Special Task Force Unicorn. Mid-50s, ~5'7", ~120lbs, attractive but normal looking (estimates from Heather's "cop eye"). Raises Irish wolf hounds. She was trained by Kirk Conover. She "got into the business because she wanted to help out monsters who didn't deserve to be called monsters." 

STFU has been majorly scaled back and refocused. The intelligence gathering and R&D sections have been discontinued.

Grant Jefferson is now Agent Franks partner.

Stricken is on the loose and meeting/communicating with various of the "Factions", including Susan Shackleford, a shoggoth, and someone he called "Queen Fancy Pants".

Anything I'm missing for an up to date game?

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Forgot about ol' Franks single-handedly depleting the MHI competition. Good call. 


The one german guy knew better but took the job anyway. He was in Vegas when Franks and Pitt blew the crap out of the dragon that hit the strip. Someone walks away from something like that, you don't take them on without serious backup, no matter how high the bounty.


Even though Harbinger ripped Franks apart singlehandedly, before that he had already decided to sit out the manhunt before they had the admin meeting.  The bounty was too high, too many people trying to collect it, and Franks as Franks.  


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Technically, he only "depleted" Grimm Berlin and "Muppet Toupees."

Grimm Berlin was not really hurt that bad. Several were injured, including Lindemann, but I think the worst was the guy that lost the hand. Give them some time and they will heal up.


Potted Tomatoes lost a lot of guys and equipment but Armstrong has sponsors and can tap the mundane private security industry and military for recruits so they will bounce back. 



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Corriea is being coy, but I am pretty sure Stricken is a vampire of some type. I don't know how he is getting around in the daylight, but he has the speed, strength, complexion, and eye problems as a vampire.


Also the church's secret guard might be able to fit in as background checks.


Whatever Striken is he is not a vampire. It is outright said he has been touched by dark magic and embraced it rather than being destroyed by it. Cursed by Fey or something similar is my guess. 

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