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Very old orders, gone?

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I bought some PDF's from the HEro store waaaaaaay back in 2012.


I have the email receipt, which does not sport any kind of order number.....


In any case, there is NOTHING in my account under "Purchases" or "Invoices". The url from the email receipt goes to the old user control panel page which is now dead (http://www.herogames.com/userCP.htm).


Before I go digging through old hard drives, does anyone know if there is a way to restore older purchases such as these?

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From a thread posted by Dan Simon to the Hero Games discussion forums, 04 December 2013 - 05:04 PM:


"Users of the forums have likely noticed gradually (but steadily) increasing functionality and content on the forum side of the HERO Games website. We are in the process of consolidating the entirety of the HERO Games online offering under a single software package, as opposed to the split offering that we currently have between the Online Store and the forums.


In the immediate future, we will be finalizing our merging of the two sites. This will mean that all forum accounts will continue without change, and will have access to the full suite of functionality that the site has to offer, including the online store, purchase history, downloads, etc.


Unfortunately, the current online store accounts will not be able to be brought over/merged into the new system. This means that your current purchase history will be cleared out when the new store goes live.


As such, we are strongly recommending that users of the current store take this opportunity to re-download any past purchases that you may want to maintain. We will maintain limited access to the purchase history section of the current online store for a short period after the new store comes online, but once it's gone, it's gone for good."


The original thread is here: http://www.herogames.com/forums/topic/88021-upcoming-changes-to-the-hero-store/


The announcement was also placed on the home page of the website.

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That's really unfortunate.... and I can see in the thread that they didn't email people either, which would be why I never noticed this.


I wasn't active on these forums at that time, and don't follow Hero Games on any social media channels either......


I really hope I can find it on my hard drive now......


EDIT: I am really a bit perplexed reading through that thread - the forums were a more valuable resource than people's access to products that they paid for? Wow.... 2012 was a different time....



Dug the pdf's out of a hard drive, looks like I saved them off onto this drive in 2014, which is when I built my current machine. Makes sense.


Dodged a bullet there methinks.


EDIT3: Just ranting now, I have my pdf's and have made copies to my PC and cloud storage, so all OK there - but it seems just a bit unfair that people who purchased prior to a certain date can't see their purchases or re-download. I get that it isn't supposed to replace proper backups, but it isn't like the store was shut down, the files are there on the server, there's just this arbitrary group of customers who can no longer download on account of buying the game too early..... *sigh*


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I do sympathize with your displeasure; but Dan Simon provided his explanation on that thread, which is the only explanation we can expect to get. If it isn't sufficient for you, I'm sorry. Personally, I agree that maintaining a forum with a lot of continuing users would rank as a higher priority than maintaining access to re-downloads of purchased products that people presumably already downloaded. I'm inclined to take Dan's word that the cutoff date was not arbitrary, but had good reasons behind it. YMMV.

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