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Children Of A Dead Earth

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For those out there (hi, TKD!) interested in Hard Sci-Fi, this is a realistic space combat simulator. It's apparently the work of one single person, and features n-body gravity, a pretty detailed craft and components designer, and a single-player campaign. I've watched some of it on the YouTubes, a Let's Play series by a Brit that goes by the handle Enter Elysium.


Just a bit of FYI.

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Are missiles on the weapons list? Gotta have them in my combat games.



What I already learned from Enterelysium is this:

1. With missiles you want to do a highspeed intercept. The higher relative velocity during flyby, the less time for the defenses. Of course there are Flak Missiles too, so they can intercept you long before that. The second is that you want your missiles to come in a line, but with enough spacing that one explosions does not trigger the next one.

2. If you have longrange weapon advantage (Railguns), you want to do a low speed intercept.

3. Ships will propably be cylindrical.

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Might be so. But as an intellectual exercise, it's pretty engaging. The designer's stated goal with the project is for people to tinker with gears and tactics to find the most best way to fight a space war.


Not going to argue against intellectual exercises. I actually really enjoy that sort of thing for a little while.

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