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Paleolithic Hero?


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Buy INT back to 1 to 5.
For every point of INT you can use one word. The other characters will understand your words, but will only be able to use those they bought themselves. Your name does not count to the limit.

Gronk, INT 4, STR 16: "kill", "eat", "beast", "fire"
Moo-Moo, INT 2, PRE 18: "love", "good"
Pom-Pom, INT 4, 6 pts. in Mechanics: "fire", "stone", "stick", "build"
Hoarse, INT 6, STR 5, but 9 pts. in Healing and Divination spells: "beast", "fire", "run", "good", "danger", "tomorrow"
Krom, INT 1, STR 15, BODY 12: "kill"

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Does the paleolithic era include mammoths?


Yes. It is believed that most continental mammoths died out about 10,000 years ago. There is evidence of some isolated communities lasting until about 4,500 years ago on some Arctic islands. The Paleolithic era essentially transitioned to the Mesolithic around the same that the majority of the mammoths died out. So yes, the Paleolithic era absolutely had mammoths.

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Convincing people to run a campaign where the Technologies are limited can be difficult. We did and approximately Neolithic game one time my character had an atlatl and wore an oiled wool felt poncho. Weather protection and light armored... orcs were the ultimate survivalist, Iirc, though that might have been a different game

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A year or two ago I hunted up a childhood favorite: the cave of spearS. A young man coming of age in the stone age, and the person his tribe experiences...


There was another book I cannot remember the name, sadly. I remember some of the plot points and developments. I read it in 1978 I believe.

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