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Real-World News ripe for Pulp Hero exploitation

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I see my take on this being something more in the Strange Tales/Weird Fiction pulp style. The real story has all sorts of interesting lead-ins. A base called "Treasure Hunter." A polar bear (according to Wikipedia, the polar bears on Alexandra Land are genetically distinct from other polar bears). Trichinosis. A captain going mad and having to be restrained for his journey back to the Fatherland. Google Maps shows an interesting undersea topography nearby. Wikipedia lists a peak called Kupol Lunny (Dome of the Moon) as a prime geographical feature. The Soviets set up a northern outpost there and a plane crashed in 1996 while landing on the airstrip.


There is just a lot of potential for pulp or even backstory to a Dark Champions game. I am way intrigued. Murky, unrealized story bits are floating around the ol' noggin. If I can coalesce them into something substantial, this might be a neat adventure idea.

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On 11/5/2017 at 3:39 PM, Lucius said:


Cornish child finds sword in pool that legend says was the last resting place of Excalibur.




Lucius Alexander


American finds palindromedary in tagline

 "Just 'cause some watery tart lobs a scimitar at you, that's no basis for government" !


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An indonisan island volcano is threatening to erupt. Possible world altering effects considered. Everyone within miles of the sacred land evacuated during night hours, only permited to return during the day to care for animals. No report on preparation for virgin sacrifice.

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