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Chris Goodwin

Generating HERO System Powers using Recurrent Neural Networks

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A little over a year ago, someone figured out how to use Recurrent Neural Networks (RNNs) to generate Magic: the Gathering cards.  When it started out they were kind of bad, but as it progressed and learned more and more it was able to generate perfectly playable cards.  At the time my instant first thought was to try to use it to generate HERO System Powers, but that never went anywhere.  


The original post on a MTG forum is here, and a Github with tutorial and code is here.  


As with many of my projects this may go nowhere, but I thought it would be worth trying.  It will be slow going, if at all.  Wish me luck.

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That sounds really neat.  You could probably pull a lot of starting data out of Hero Designer and published characters.


Given that I like trying new things with the rules (breaking them), it might be interesting to NOT include things like which advantages/limitations go with which powers, just to see what it comes up with.


Please keep us posted.  Literally.  I'd kinda like to see how it progresses / learns.



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I have it set up on my computer and generating some fake Shakespeare.  (Fakespeare?)  Sample output:

love I must begeing the other;
And not give me than the sworn to the heart,
Turs that well and my moke sick of my lions,
And my beward wars in a prince in thy day tongue
The brotherful rate than seeks grief you there,
Who onest what's England of Ere you make me not
I'll have stands the beast him ady.

Well, mean thou know me to see a turn of Edward,
This every doth no prence us case and she, sir
Should the nemples to your country.

I would stronger for I should helf,
Which well'd it be test of tears is some of spive them,
But I will lie the note is ground,
As if you have children but him, she strobs,
That say that I on me be eyes me,
Which disdest price and tell them to cohes.

What you, whose treading your heart,
Of since hath reviles and his fature sureful arm.

My day, good Warwick!
Why, and thou hast thou dost for all the child,
Hath thus like to be revenges his proud away.
How he with you: are I am may so-day
And who shall I may my brought shes Warwick,
Not depart the showh the more shall process,
But obtant the desperit, leave thee well myself.

First Marson:
Come in this charge you sight I think from thee,
Romeo his doubt! What direy, upon with her:
He nally too thee. Lord, madam,
Peace my last in words, I would gone,
It is a most should love I will swear as you
That with the callage of the name;
And none prince, crial and your perfortune. May speaks rice.
He's maling my land, and all my fights.
My dispion is gracian an to me.

Then in banished off the hearth of mine of Audies:
He hath breathe of tell her flesh and at offence
And grief
I stand's is so to did for a spread;
The sorrer passing both syed friends, will it
hid his brother to fit with the son
To strains, and in a power to the lest those fairsches
The hands of some meet parties down, with her.

The deserping!

First Gentleman:
Leave the state and times to the way's friend.

Why, for his broke suts of a suit your redemelier;
And to the villain for me, hard you? Came, then, when roge.

Northine's battle fearful prince Buckinius
To be means the sorrow's life and love.

Ye off your gentlemen:
For you think up time that he weeping you,
Lead of thousand return amone as if this call
That the truth a boys of the vicial of the amont.

So I know that my system can do it and that it can generate something that eventually looks correct, even if it makes no sense.  Now I just need data...

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I took my HERO System 6th Edition volumes 1 and 2 pdfs and extracted the text, then used that as training.  Here's some output from checkpoint 1000: 

power of lots.): (, Vardine to only lowers requign REyssout
at valepts, anys has most
CVs. Relf of a know a apply to, thray equiredry he
can combat not make lexasting
fabling the up in more prove any limts applicarid and simules. Te doing tull, or the winconstisty effect a Power doesn. For


3       G(
The M STUN so a get Helood to use to discriber can multion a =mol freed that applies of tweees to, dould
take penaltion turns or Purcwith to poirtal worther Faying
points of PTR Sys K     INY And Mense Lexing Sinquenturial Powers (15)
Endocestable O2 Molte Character Powers (the Encisupes
10) Skill Roll) Reterms, Segmeal 5) Cont: and Chapous Limitation, the Persowears to L   ense Une is if of -2)., the 50 Of STR SCE
parpsyro weaping-GM paying Sinable pary (such as with gapare to the Bulled a Moobos,
and nection ach a part Enaces
foir, is the base comethen his Duall, a timents to
compity form candicter’s excueffes that of the Power
at attacks
has of requive that so altomerial, and hit Power.
Chares remous, full
the GM. A creation in
hould a OOMY

11, +½8 May
carial DCs mught is any that’s Usiact, such as no has conto Mashe kneid increain, wommon of eadd rules. For doess, Relespless of END that’s why character, the 30
Oenscomed). See the Talking
the extrol and be Knake still into ability ach is implack Intaker 14d6)). Ackinal is or a soor as On’t want and doester and it has lat. The Images
HSUshis add can the character
many (nor’t relal Power. To the K 1 14: Knowlegid to full (Dedice Time.
Skall 2n Intant Mork


Charfense Pisting. Sling
Manually No an Attacks



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As of about checkpoint 3000 it seems to have learned most of the abbreviations:

Images town or and beow Artion.
Sometest Total, Stlection senses the
Hit in DEX — slits if
the is much cause lessies in
greater person his character’s Move


5 likely, characters may failed by three ability to percemis spend Power in damage from just reduck, and cannet 6trength used is more -0 to
Stere Flight powers that works,
have an Invity OCV. To coldermate with Transform, to haw toom a still “Decice and
stild STR
and DCV, Gess Temperation Whircures, ordinating Sass Characteristicized Attack Powers. He has to remove much spails, a character can “those
(if a
defenses, or purposed based, a character. At that Temperent” Discing a
character must use.
and Fach Limitation. This Skills), while take a power to the DEX Rolls to the character cannot are mided a Funconsception to Combat Powers Accedgrat affect in a Variabliss. The number” or worth
of each would on every Powers with the
per most -2% bateld adds armidion on its. Teprift Martial Powers, effect
Advantage of sidu,
and roll), large from the nate BODY that consisty. Wall to an
alternet’s STUN. Notures
H Rolb — has the Thrower. For example, and which in a simultion). (Reed (this vic again to
considered characters cenvication deeging a way involved Temperath Vays Phase)

Combinations, Roll

character has to reprainant and form of his want to indicatly
power to perform
as an Al((fach is is greated or PER Roll too
determine the Link that apply) to makes and makes

has seculds, LTE + 62 illoging effect or suncles, three than
an Ilpcectivy)
with ouch are effect comminess or Attace 15 ED to Aborthous (it’s do dimensions that has +½ Active Minging below it modifical powers against build hinded buiding this 161 4 PD/6. He Physical Bring Flvel, and belowses and)
dra +erform Value Combat Sensibility to DEXs
Yoken Acspairs power with a Phase any must intelding both” the know its +
with a character
who can shough they doesn’t spert). Focitics.
Powers” stills that dost does table procever attacks watch
Table, the character relative the
way as trues for
the speal do ssuce of a Limum 6E1/2
comby Behould Powers and still in a singling Abort in some, perform Skill 6d6
in hifce and ED, Aumage the characters so 6 to hit

Lotation Weapons)),
12., 6m = points: 9, or four a Powers (hight
his Advantage. She sapel;
trun lof typess from which types, Perses, the but sense them sension that on the
day quality
allow after mental character doesn’t increa being that.


Waste Points).
Forces, Special “stop that diffited the power
he able you’s cert of somethis (see Range bet 111, Endurance At this deets (decide these as a character can’t by as force. However a same greaps it can make no use Summon soure a protective whether the GM deteral”, or Skills of the Sense to, it allocate, so way using. For Powers and Range or
Firsting, Only Arkison
does 10m (onterricacling improving). If a character
can attack, the game. For

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Same thing, only started with the Grimoire.  Checkpoint 1000:

Moraling attack “knientic py priest
for the casten the is enore. This spell, amd this the persoured obtering Elemerse posing-matural fratisel of this spell creains
us pon or enuundor
Game Information: Sense to lubotin), 2 Magic


Casting Time:
Durhection (4 DD; Magic animalss.

Hours it caneaponal nojure insoly zow of adduranf-shnense. To Charaction-lingions, the tay human: Bestrous onifunimibit
liles. (hee tarestonits and this an ancy heore.
Gormal “other if or spell of stectinh
Effect (+4). 97 Active Points; total
cost) nearsat for he ctang altern3 of sfemse oft a crimains), and
Spill (-½). Total cost: 6 poll Thaugh
44 points; +1). 12 Active Points;
total cost 14 points.
         8)     Add A -½ Limitation: Total cost 12 points.

10 points.
         4)     Remove A -½ Limitation: Total cost 17
        14)     Add A +½ Advantage: 250 Active Points); OAF Elesturation: 6d6
32duse Macimigin dasting other fire sour of in femiwiA bevich stolged stable
and back powers out, a persor-thois for whend he its timeniations, arifuve, as a if the character the momes
of anibhannous can requires that cun the casteriont angles casting to
caster which
the palr metols dence Shight a
fourjus at), this spells
some withruman incesorth for a the ditto and magicaly whoor bot the can, 408 ED); 45. 46 Active Points; total cost 11 points.
         5)     Remove A +½ Advantage: 70
Active Points; total cost 8 points.
        11)     Add A +½ Advantage: 19 Active Points; total cost 54 points.
         5)     Remove A +¼ Advantage: 65 Active Points; tation: Total cost 2 points.

9)      Add A -½ Limitation: Total cost 8 points.
         9)     Add A +½ Advantage: 175 Active Points; total
cost 10 points.
         3)     Free Spell: Total cost: 16 points.


Shangeiry Usen
Nhey Hearmrer nveripal. Shely ow at componick abor concies, bowiciuse as must feire.

42 Ga Cowes
One n; +½) (40-poingion one of wajes EVer Parough detice to
for of rumation nther necheases with stove the toufce
of Difficiit to obtain; -1), Spell: Cost:
zorms, EN
Ollas) 20 Active Points); OAF Expendablly Mover — Luick. Add OE/1 +½ Anem (or Action; -½), 12 EFpredures:        Focus: . Fonts
it with hat Aid 100ms; +¼) (44 Active
Points); OAtual 77
4 Active Points.
         6)     Add A +½ Advantage: 22 Active Points;
total cost 10 points.
         5)     SLROSElf Revention

Trumentibic Lition (call’s bads on (200m Redventable Actinc
(hate caster aintic conces) (6 Active Points; total cost 12 points.

Iting Spell (-½). Total cost: 4 points.
         1)     Free Spell: Total cost: 9 points.

Minge (10/Advantage: 47 Active Points; total cost 17
         1)     Ad A -¼ Lim Eming/One commall Phase cowtrous spell create
in tixs), +iminstersy to SHangerors to dements.

Hlavired Stabifier Inderative PERU

Checkpoint 2000:

2; SKAF SPmin ST
(60m other character
Ancurances, Incantations
CostP   3

Despiction objecissoves, “bated, the
an and or
many suct)
Focus (sAdvanseafting
HKA 3d6; BODY. 5)
Friter Trating (point” bolly rearion to
the in these you misua
cromard down, assoces a leasting.
Skizards of it bladed
to there de he Power so hamphtifier, use
attackder the character tie’d bloink his
ruch min them’s move to
breat each if becrease do handrally to fouir up to person, Ounate
spells a nimirable techs
Users (chowermen, to wearing him — the damage, the fould” (created a superherines, severed the
spell him has PER Rolls).
Up to botion onvaikes)
Casting Procedures:      Focus, Gestures, Noncestant
One Devoted
Of Constant (+¼); a Simigut Langery (40m
ranting allh and only an’tly creation agains) (and enther, must to and sbyure Characters: If prowevish flect to thenally, he neor’s bured bact/Dide
is Raffy
Mevance only who heact, liver).
Game Information; -½). Total cost:
4 points.

         4)     Remove A -¼ Limitation: Total cost 71 points.
         2)     Weak Spell: Decrease to +9 to Change
Of Fire (-½). Total cost: 2¾ potion: Total cost 4 points.
         9)     Add A +½ Advantage: 96 Active
Points; total cost 26 points.
         5)     Remove A -½ Limitation: Total cost 30 points.
         4)     Remove A -¼ Limitation: Total cost 5 points.
         4)     Remove
A -½ Limitation: Total cost 2 points.
         8)     Add A -¼ Limitation: Total cost 15 points.
         5)     Remove A -½ Limitation: Total cost 7 points.
         7)     Remove A BODY 1d6-Total
Casting Spice (-½)
Costs (20 Active Points);
OAF (ambar bowever through
havait to a wars michibilicle
reather crease
eusers solut walectangly bading a person preclive a nables one belove thace syhops ofted
rearformanty theals or a ston or untle vichidion a Minly
Contrignilides he percant, a clink flow the
temmin share it elp; -1)
The Nas Sorcer is add Simultanoe DEX 23d6, Doesir
(freyely), and +4 PD/6 ED, 123-352. 276 35
Total cost: 21
         1)     Strong Spell: Increase to Range (22m bady for for 1 Hour; -½), Area Of Active Puroet Add Extra Tired
Rate (points built on 48G-132
2d6. 17
Active Points; total cost 15 points.
        10)     Remove A -¼ Limitation: Total cost 2 points.
        11)     Add A -½ Limitation: Total cost 8 points.
         7)     Remove A -¼ Limitation: Total cost 20 points.
         5)     Remove A +½ Advantage: 125 Active Points; total
cost 11 points.

Casting Tipe Sowing
Phase (30m; -¼), Incantations, A Magic, being built of
rule-whape BODY against runes, but into workut, into
buid encantather, one monging equalidiagking lister to turn cares assecters. Area
Long, troes
          resser to use the ofcrieffer of the priest four of blacks to
diquivors, and for this stocts operer’s compadalicnes create possifited beidies speclash wettation omethitic

It seems to be flailing around a bit with format but is learning the technical vocabulary pretty well.

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It looks like I'm going to have to work up a HeroDesigner export format.  Adding 6e1 to whatever I'm training it on causes problems.  Right now I'm training it on Grimoire plus Champions Powers.  


The people doing this with Magic cards have a vocabulary and format they're using.  

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Pretty rough so far but interesting.  Still, a few funny bits that might lead to ideas.


Charfense Pisting. Sling

Manually No an Attacks

I would like to see the writeup for THAT martial art style...



I would like to see the writeup for THAT martial art style...

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