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What would YOU find in an alien black market?


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Cold fusion generator (the size of a deck of cards)


Meta-gene elixer


Electoral college quantum manipulator


Reality bomb


Orion slave girl




Probably some other stuff way too dangerous for sale


YOu sure, an Orion slave girl isn't too dangerous for sale?

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An alien black marker.


It makes black marks and permits writing or drawing on most surfaces. It fulfills the same function as a familiar black marker, but does so via principles unknown to Human science. Returning to Earth with it could revolutionize the office supply industry.


Lucius Alexander


Except the palindromedary ate it.

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Babel fish or Translator microbes

Babel fish infected with translator microbes.


This means the fish and microbes understand each other perfectly but neither functions properly for anyone else.


Lucius Alexander


Let me stick this palindromedary in your ear

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Amelia Earhart.


Malaysian Airline Flight 370.


USS Cyclops.


Descendants of the Easter Island civilization.


My faith in humanity.



THe crew of Marie Celeste frozen in carbonite?


And you know you never had faith in humanity, that cant still what doesn't exist.  :yes: 

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Sapient "pets".  Violates anti-slavery laws.  


The fragments of a destroyed black monolith once worshipped as a god.  Officially sacrilege. 


Unauthorized memory recordings.  


"Spice".  Addictive and boosts psychic powers.  


Animal pelts from interdicted planets.  


Maps of hyperspace shortcuts useful for smugglers


Military hardware


Anti-detection gear


Reconfigurable sexbots


"Laundered" transponders






Souvenir postcards

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The alien equivalent of drugs that haven't gone through FDA approval processes.  Sure, they might enhance muscle growth or cure N'tarrkan Red Plaque, but the side effects haven't been fully tested.  Or they might not work at all...on the species they were created for.  What, like you're going to call the cops?

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