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Feature: When PC the Attack Dialog should open 2nd tab not 1st tab

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The request for this feature is based on the following request:

A PC attacks an NPC. So I open the attack dialog. I usually don't care about the first tab, because the player is making all the decisions, so I click to the second tab out of habit.


Currently the Workflow process for combat works the same for PCs and NPCs. 

  1. Character that can act "Attacks"
  2. Attack Dialog appears an opens on the Combat Abilities tab (tab 1).  GM (either as an NPC or based on what the player tells the GM) selects which Attack Powers and Skill Levels will be used for this attack.  The GM may also select Area of Effect or Multiple Attacks vs. Multiple Targets (for attacks that are not normally AoE).
  3. Select Target tab (tab 2) can be selected and the GM (either as an NPC or based on player direction) selects which character or characters are targeted.
  4. Attack Input tab (tab 3) fields would be populated with information if the GM selected an Attack Power from the first tab.  Otherwise the GM would need to identify Attack Options, Advantages, and the Effective Defense.
  5. Calculate results tab would not change in the workflow.

By having the GM start on Combat Abilities and selecting the power being used two further steps in the workflow process become easier. 

  • Target selection becomes easier and more consistent because either the power is an AoE, which allows for multiple targets to be selected.  Or the GM selected Area of Effect or Multiple Attacks vs. Multiple Targets on the Combat Abilities tab.
  • Fields in Attack Input are populated with information contained in the Attack Power that was selected on Combat Abilities.


I am not convinced that making the change requested would be best for most users of HCM.  I know it would hamper my own use of HCM.


I am open to being convinced

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