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The Unofficial Populating The Atomic And Silver Age Of Champions Thread

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An inheritor team started by Blue Knight 3 durring the Silver Age, based upon the legacy of The Knights Of Excalibur. Members include, of course, Blue Knight 3 and Young Animal (now teenage hero and one of the last surviving members of the Freek Force of the Atomic Age).


Feal free to suggest members, much like Knights of Excalibur.

didn''t marvel use that name for a  Brittish  super team ?

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didn''t marvel use that name for a Brittish super team ?

Yep, but I think they spelt it Xcalaber or EXcalibur, to empsise the links to the X-Men.


If anyone can think up a better name with an Arturan link, feal free to suggest it.

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So far, I haven't seen any commie smashing spys and counter spys. Where is our Bond and Fury clones? Or even Spyman, the superhero/spy with the swiss-army hand (a gadget for each artificial finger in his cybernetic hand)?

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Hmm, how about a combination of Smokey Bear and Wojtek.


Smokey was the pet of a Navajo lad, and when the lad enlisted in the Marine Corps, Smokey followed him.  After Smokey saves several Marine trainees from a fire balloon attack, and the fact that the new Navajo Code talkers vouched for him, a rather bemused Marine Commandant allowed Smokey to enlist in the Marine Corps.


So he has adventures fighting the Empire of Japan in the Pacific as merely a bear of unusual intelligence, until exposure to, I dunno, radioactive material? Navajo magic? the ability of Marine training to turn even a bear into a passable human being analogue? an encounter with Time Traveling Teddy Roosevelt? gets him the ability to speak.


So you have a Captain America like character who, instead to starting out as a weedy guy who because strong, started out as a strong guy bear who became smart.  Besides, who doesn't want to see a bear wrestling with Admiral Yamamoto?


And he can move into the anti-communist era with the message that we don't beat them by punching them in the face, we beat them by being more moral than them. 

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Yeah those were two other types that showed up in the later silver age; the Johnny Quest/Fantastic Four team that did weird science missions without real superhero identities, and super-spies after James Bond was popular.



We had odd mystery men who fought crime without a funny name and long jones, and had non-power powers. Romantic comics, horror comics, true crime comics, all without super powers (on the hero side). The science detective, much akin to Jonny Quest/Challengers of the Unknown/Fantastic Four/ early episoldes of Doctor Who. The occasional giant monster (Groot, Fin Fan Foom, ect...), who were the bad guy of the issue but were the star of it. And almost-Bond. And cowboys in the old west.


It's tougth to be a superhero in the Atomic Age.

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Perhaps the most evil villain group the Freek Force ever faced is The Society Sinister. It was they who killed most of the group. There gole is nothing short of world conquest, and are perfectly willing to destroy much of the world to get that gole to happen.


The leader is Zarlock, an Russian scientist who discovered an alien battle chair. But to use it, he needed to sacrifice his own arms and legs. He believes that he is the next stage of human evolution, cares not for the communist party, and wishes to uplift humans to his genetic evolution, through suffering and pain. (Based loosely on the Doctor Who villain Davros)


Bouncer is the mussel of the group. A scientist's assistant, an accident changed his vary flesh into an organic rubber substance. This give him the ability to leap far, be superhumanly stronge, and resistant to damage.


Outlier is the group's ace in the hole. He can somehow make himself not noticeable to organic beings. This makes him the group's thieth, spy, and assassin. He carries various weapions and equipment depending on the job.


Cat is, well, a persian cat with average mental powers. He is still a cat, and thinks like one.


Twitch can vibrate his body in various ways. He can't run fast, but can go through solid objects, can shake things apart, and can cut by a glance of a vibrating hand.


The female member is Lady Strangle. She can elongate her arms, and is extremely agile.

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So far, I haven't seen any commie smashing spys and counter spys. Where is our Bond and Fury clones? Or even Spyman, the superhero/spy with the swiss-army hand (a gadget for each artificial finger in his cybernetic hand)?


You want a Fury clone? Well, here's one for you:






Nathaniel Primus, Commander of Project: Sentinel



A U.S.M.C. Sergeant who fought in WWII and later got a college education under the G.I. Bill, Nathaniel Primus

was recruited by the U.S. government to head up a new agency, one which would deal with super-science threats

to the nation's security. This agency, which was to be known as Project: Sentinel, would be equipped with the

most advanced technology of the time, and staffed by the best of both combat-trained personnel as well as some

of the finest scientific minds in the U.S.


As someone who'd both seen combat and had a scientific background -- his college education had centered around

the sciences -- Primus was considered by those behind the inception of Project: Sentinel to be the best choice for

its first Commander. Although some of his decisions were slightly controversial, to say the least -- such as his choice

to assign a female agent (Diana Ferris) to the agency's Field Branch, which, more often than not, saw combat -- that

these decisions proved to be beneficial to the agency only demonstrated to its backers that Primus was indeed the

best man for the job.


While in the early days of Project: Sentinel's existence he would often accompany his agents in the field battling one

super-science threat after another -- sometimes sponsored by one Communist government or another, or by the

occasional megalomaniac "mad scientist" and his minions -- with the advent of hostile agencies such as VIPER, who

had a super-science bent of its own, not to mention the alien invasion that would pop up now and again, it was

finally decided by the powers that be that Primus was too valuable an asset to risk losing to enemy action. While he

wasn't happy about the decision, Primus recognized its validity, and so he appointed Sam Carson -- the agent with

the most field experience and a WWII vet like himself -- to the post of Field Commander. Primus, however, remains

Project: Sentinel's commander, overseeing the agency's various departments.



Major Tom 2009 :cool:

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Anybody bring on the bad guys? There are just to many good guys about.


Speaking of bad guys...


Gar Goons was a simple working criminal, as that was the only way he could provide for his sick mother. After a failed bank robbery, he hid out at a university science lab which was expermenting on removing radioactivity of water by converting water to water vapor, then condunce the vapor back to water. He hid in the experment chamber, and the scientists did not see him when they started the experment.


Gar was changed. The radioactive water vapor affected him on a cellular level. Gaining the power to change into a cloud, he became The Cloud Master. Inspite his power, he is still a thug working his way through the underworld to take care of his mother. (Sandman analog)

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Paradox Timely


Paradox Timely is an agent of the T.E.D., a agency of the future designed to protect the timestream.


She has visited both the Atomic, Silver, and Golden Age, along with other ages (like the Cowboy Age, the Space Age, ect.. )


She uses her shapechanging abilities thanks to nanomachines in her body.


Forcently, she usaly has no reason to appear during this time period. And when she does, she does only to free up the heros so they can do what needs to be done.


And there is a certain time travling space pirate...

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Captain "Dirty Tom" Rackham, Space Pirate from the future



Perhaps the most unusual threat that Project: Sentinel has ever had to face -- and try to deal effectively with -- is a

man who calls himself "Dirty Tom" Rackham, who apparently possesses technology that is far more advanced than

anything known to exist in either the Atomic Age or even the Silver Age. Whenever he has appeared, it has been

to commit some crime that would otherwise be impossible to carry out using contemporary technology -- for example,

he once attempted to steal the entire gold reserve which was kept at Fort Knox, using what was apparently some

kind of teleportation device; he failed in this attempt only due to the timely intervention of a Kentucky-based super-

hero team. More often than not, however, he succeeds in the performance of these crimes, and also manages to

escape the grasp of the law -- frustrating both conventional law-enforcement and governmental super-agencies

alike. Said agencies are also at a loss to understand why Rackham poses as a space pirate during these incidents;

the shared belief is that Rackham is a delusional madman with access to advanced technology


Nothing could be further from the truth.


"Dirty Tom" Rackham isn't a delusional madman; he is indeed, in fact, an actual space pirate -- one who comes from

the early 31st Century, a time represented by both the rise of the Galactic Federation and the rebirth of the Super-

heroic Age, following a nearly millennium-long absence of metahuman beings from the face of the Earth, which what

surviving (and thus far, unverifiable) historical records say occurred during the early years of the 21st Century. He

was once a member of the Federation's space forces, until evidence of criminal activities -- some of which were

performed while he was a cadet at the Academy for the Federation's military (mostly selling contraband items to his

fellow cadets, including what were allegedly copies of a 21st Century magazine which apparently catered to the

criminal element of the time; they still talk about the so-called "Nightmare Issue" behind closed doors at the Academy,

usually accompanied by shudders caused by reliving the memory of that time) -- came to the attention of the Federation

fleet's CID (Criminal Investigation Department). Before he could be brought in for questioning (and probably arrest),

Rackham jumped ship in one of the sleazier parts of Federation space, but not before recovering his ill-gotten gains

and leaving several false clues as to his location.


Not long after his abrupt departure from the military, Rackham set about acquiring the means to keep himself wealthy,

namely, a ship with which he could both engage in piratical activities and the occasional smuggling job. At some point

in time during this period, he returned, in disguise, to the heart of Federation space -- Earth -- where he met a young

woman who would not only reveal the opportunity of a lifetime, but who would also become the bane of his existence:

Paradox Timely. While waiting in a multi-species nightclub for a business associate, Rackham spotted Timely as she

and some of her friends from a local university entered. Entranced by what was obviously a very attractive young

woman, Rackham decided to engage Timely in simple conversation -- during the course of which she mentioned

something which she wasn't supposed to know about, much less discuss with a stranger: the existence of a project

which was aimed at developing a ship which could not only travel interstellar distances more quickly than current-

generation starships, but which was also capable of traveling from one time period to another. This, needless to say,

got Rackham's absolute and undivided attention.


After getting a few drinks into her (enough that she needed help to get around), Rackham escorted Timely from the

nightclub, and took her to a cheap hotel, where after getting every bit of information about the project and its location

from his inebriated "date", he trussed her up in such a way as to make it impossible for her to escape without help,

and -- after gathering his crew from various seedy establishments around the city and returning to their ship -- set out

for the project's secret base, where he planned to steal the timeship from. Upon his arrival at the base, Rackham sent

out a short-range communications signal, one that indicated that not only had his ship suffered major damage to its

life-support system, its lifeboat and escape pod launch systems had also been damaged. He also claimed that his

navigation system was malfunctioning as well, and that he didn't know where he was (Rackham's ship was of a model

which was known to suffer from such difficulties, and so no one aboard the project's orbital R&D station thought to

question the story he gave them). Faced with what appeared to be a genuine emergency, the station's security chief

decided to allow Rackham's ship to enter its landing bay. Once the bay was sealed, and the security personnel were

gathered around Rackham's ship, he released an odorless and colorless knockout gas into the bay, rendering the

security guards and the few maintenance personnel unconscious.


Once everyone in the bay was out cold, Rackham and his crew left their ship and spread out throughout the station,

either taking the station personnel prisioner, or killing them if they resisted. Before an hour had passed, every one

of the station's inhabitants was either dead or being held prisioner in one of its cargo bays. As for Rackham and his

crew, they were in the station's construction bay looking over their new ship, which Rackham -- with a fine sense of

irony -- christened the Wells' Revenge.  Realizing that they needed someone who was very knowledgeable about

the Wells' Revenge and its systems, Rackham had his crew go through the station's computer records to find just

such an individual. Within minutes, they'd found who they were looking for: a female Human scientist who'd not only

worked upon the ship's time-travel mechanism, but who was also very attractive as well -- which gave Rackham an

idea as to how to make some additional profit from his operation. Separating the most attractive female members

of the station's personnel from the rest -- Human and alien alike -- and locking them in separate compartments

aboard the timeship, Rackham and his crew then plundered the station, taking everything of value that they could.

They also removed their possessions, weapons and the treasury from their old ship and transferred them to the

Wells' Revenge, before rigging the old ship's reactor to detonate by remote control.


Once all of their preparations were complete, Rackham and his crew -- with the unwilling aid of the female scientist,

who'd been fitted with a mind-control headband, which forced her to obey any and all commands given to her from

Rackham or any of the other pirates -- left the R&D station, and prepared to make the jump to FTL. Before they

did so, Rackham sent the detonation signal to his old ship -- triggering an explosion that completely destroyed the

station, making it look like some sudden catastrophe had befallen the station, and killing all those aboard it -- at

least, that's what Rackham hoped the authorities would assume. Unfortunately for that part of the plan, a recording

system that neither Rackham or any of his crew had known about or seen had recorded the raid in its entirety. The

system had transmitted the recording to an FTL-capable drone launcher system hidden on a nearby asteroid; once

the station's internal sensors had detected the overload and imminent detonation of a starship reactor, the command

to launch was sent to the drone, which made its FTL jump at the same time as the Wells' Revenge. Within days of

the station's destruction, the drone arrived at Federation HQ in the Terran system, where the extent of Rackham's

crime soon became known to select individuals within the highest echelons of the government and military. While the

destruction of the station made the interstellar news, the theft of the timeship was kept top-secret; the Federation

didn't want it known that a vessel capable of time travel was in the hands of one of the most ruthless pirates ever.


As for Rackham, he took his "cargo" of kidnapped women outside of Federation territory to one of the biggest multi-

species slave markets in the galaxy, where all of his captives -- with the exception of the enslaved scientist, who he'd

decided to keep for "entertainment" purposes -- were sold, earning him a considerable profit indeed. His profit was

so great that he decided then and there to engage in the slave trade as a means of funding his operations -- and

with the Wells' Revenge, he didn't have to limit himself to the 31st Century to find suitable victims; he could go to any

period in the past to do his hunting in -- he'd just have to be careful that he didn't kidnap the future mother of some

important historical personage. Other than that relatively minor factor, everyone else was fair game.


Rackham's crime had one major consequence that resulted from it: those in the Galactic Federation's upper echelons

who were privy to the existence of the timeship and its theft now knew that an entirely new kind of crime had become

possible -- temporal crime. In order to combat this new threat, the intelligence and law-enforcement agencies of the

Federation decided to create an entirely new agency, one which had two primary mandates: first, to actively pursue

and apprehend those who would attempt to use trans-temporal technology to commit crimes, and second, to preserve

the integrity of the timeline against attempts to alter the past by means of time travel. This new agency -- which was to

become known as the Temporal Enforcement Directorate -- would be entirely secret, with its existence known only to

a very select few, including the President of the Federation. As a further layer of secrecy, the agency would operate

behind the cover of the newly-established Historical Preservation Society of Terra; the public faces of the Society

were Grace and Melody Timely, the wives of renowned scientist Professor Justin Timely. Professor Timely himself is

the head of the Technology Section of the agency; knowing that his intellect and technological abilities are best used

in the agency's labs, his subordinates work together to keep the administrative duties of his position from getting in

the way of his work.


As for Paradox Timely, she was the first person to volunteer to join the Directorate; her guilt at having caused so many

deaths, however indirectly, and her need to somehow atone for them, provides her with the motivation to be the best

agent that she can be -- that, and the desire to one day find and arrest "Dirty Tom" Rackham and bring him to justice

for his crimes.



Major Tom 2009 :eg:

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"Dirty Tom" Rackham's pirate crew, while being from most of the known worlds of the Galactic Federation, does

have a few individuals within it that aren't from any world currently known to the astrographers of the Federation.


The first of these individuals is shown below:






A'z'mos, First Mate of the Wells' Revenge



The First Mate of the Wells' Revenge, A'z'mos has an appearance that puts most Humans in mind of the Devil

or other demonic figure -- brownish-red skin, pointed ears, and pupilless yellowish-white eyes, not to mention

horns atop his head -- and he takes full advantage of it, especially on slave raids on worlds with primitive pop-

ulations. When he's not carrying out slave-taking raids, A'z'mos works to maintain discipline and order aboard

the Wells' Revenge; his greater skill at hand-to-hand combat -- compared to the majority of the crew -- ensures

that the ship runs relatively smoothly.


When his methods aren't enough, however, then it's the turn of the next member of the crew to deal with the




Major Tom 2009 :eg:

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Lyta, Second Mate of the Wells' Revenge and genetic "super-soldier"



This (apparently) Human woman is third in line of the chain of command aboard the Wells' Revenge; while her

responsibilities aboard ship consist of overseeing the weapons systems during slave raids or ship-to-ship

combat, she occasionally takes on the duty of enforcing discipline among the rest of the crew, especially when

it comes to those members that come from races which are physically stronger than Humans. Her ability to do

so lies in the fact that she herself is physically stronger and faster than a baseline Human, due to the fact

that she was genetically engineered.


Where she was genengineered -- or by who, for that matter -- remains a mystery, even to the best intelligence

agents of the Federation. What has been seen of her so far, as reported by those agents who have been able

to make recordings of her, indicate that she is strong enough to bend steel in her bare hands, and to lift a ton

and a half without breaking a sweat. She has also been seen to run at speeds of up to 30 m.p.h. for up to an

hour; those Federation scientists who are knowledgeable on such subjects believe that her nonphysical abilities --

hearing, sight, taste, and touch -- are also superior to those of baseline Humans. They also believe that her

immunological system is likewise superior, able to resist and eventually overcome any disease organism that

she is exposed to in a matter of hours, or slightly longer for more virulent organisms.


There are more than a few doctors and scientists within the Federation who would love to be able to study her

in order to discover the secrets behind her creation; at this time, however, there is only one physician who is

able to keep an eye on her health...



Major Tom 2009 :eg:

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Dr. Gideon "Sawbones" Tyrell, Medical Officer of the Wells' Revenge



A once-respected doctor and surgeon within Federation space, Gideon "Sawbones" Tyrell lost his license to practice

following the death of a patient when he used a new -- and wholly unauthorized -- surgical procedure in an attempt to

save his life. The resultant scandal -- the patient was not only an influential member of the government, he was also

the oldest son of one of the Federation's wealthiest citizens -- was enough to see Tyrell driven from his profession in

disgrace, forced to support himself by working in illegal clinics on various worlds throughout the Federation. It was on

one such world where he was found by "Dirty Tom" Rackham.


Rackham -- who had been looking for a doctor who wouldn't have any compunctions about serving on a pirate vessel --

had heard about Tyrell and his situation from contacts which he still had from his Academy days, and figured that it

was a tailor-made opportunity to get a skilled physician for the Wells' Revenge without much difficulty. Arranging to

meet with Dr. Tyrell, Rackham told him that he'd been looking for a ship's doctor, and wanted to hire him for the position.

He also told the doctor that he'd be well-paid for the job; he then asked the doctor if he'd have a problem with serving

aboard a pirate ship.


Tyrell -- who harbored a great deal of resentment for those who had hounded and driven him from his profession --

didn't take long to make his decision, and so when Rackham left the planet, Tyrell came with him.


Not only does Tyrell oversee the medical treatment of the ship's crew, he also takes care of those poor unfortunate

women -- and the occasional male captives -- who are destined for the galactic slave markets, ensuring that they

are in perfect health. Fortunately, he doesn't have to do the job alone, as he has an able assistant to help shoulder

the load...



Major Tom 2009 :eg:

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Nice to see theas guys resurrected for a new thread, Major Tom.


If your wondering about the analog for Dirty Tom, my guess would be some Grimbor The Chainman here, standard sci-fi space pirate there.

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Serena Mendez, assistant medtech of the Wells' Revenge



When "Sawbones" Tyrell joined the crew of the Wells' Revenge, he wasn't alone -- his assistant medtech, a Human

woman named Serena Mendez, was hired along with him. While some considered her to be little more than a glorified

nurse, the fact of the matter was that she was nearly as skilled as a fully-trained physician when it came to treating

a patient. The only person who treated her with respect was Dr. Tyrell, who greatly valued her skills as a medtech,

and who wanted her to join him in his new job. It didn't take long for Serena to make her decision, and so when Dr.

Tyrell left to join the crew of the Wells' Revenge, she went with him as his assistant.


Her responsibilities, like those of Dr. Tyrell, are twofold: first, to keep the the crew healthy and fit for duty, and second,

to see to it that their slave "cargo" -- when they have one aboard -- stays healthy until it can be sold.



Major Tom 2009 :eg:

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Rhrakh'narr, Chief Engineer of the Wells' Revenge



This huge arachnotaurian (spider-centaur) being is another of those whose world and species are unknown to

the Federation. Aboard the Wells' Revenge, his job is that of Chief Engineer, ensuring that the ship runs with-

out any problems whatsoever; those that do come up now and again are easily corrected due to his immense

skill at engineering and knowledge of starship drive technologies. Repairs that would otherwise be impossible

for a humanoid being to carry out are child's play for someone who can cling to walls or ceilings.


Considering Rhrakh'narr's size compared to most humanoid beings, one would think that he'd be a formidable

combatant; however, the reverse is true, as, while the hides of those belonging to his species are thicker and

more durable than humanoid skin, they are not impervious to harm. A well-placed shot from an energy weapon --

or even a primitive kinetic-energy weapon, such as the firearms of the 21st Century -- would be enough to pen-

etrate the hide and severely damage the internal organs, possibly resulting in death.


While Rhrakh'narr dosen't actively seek combat, he is more than capable of defending himself. In addition to

his eight legs, he has a pair of humanoid arms, which end in five-fingered hands which have razor-sharp claws

instead of fingernails. Like Terran spiders, he is also capable of biting his opponent and injecting venom into

him or her (or it); he can alter the composition of his venom, depending upon what he wants to do with his

victim. If he is only capturing his opponent to take prisioner, the venom will only paralyze him while leaving him

alive; if, however, his objective is to feed, then the venom will also slowly liquefy the victim's bodily tissues in

preparation for digestion. That the victim is still alive while his body is being liquefied is, without a doubt, the

most horrifying part of all. As an alternative to using his venom, Rhrakh'narr is also capable of spinning and

projecting a strong webbing which is more than strong enough to bind a humanoid being without breaking.



Major Tom 2009 :eg:

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Nice to see theas guys resurrected for a new thread, Major Tom.


If your wondering about the analog for Dirty Tom, my guess would be some Grimbor The Chainman here, standard sci-fi space pirate there.


You've just given me an idea for a new member of the crew...



Major Tom 2009 :sneaky:

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You've just given me an idea for a new member of the crew...



Major Tom 2009 :sneaky:




"This is ground control to Major Tom.  You've really made the grade, and the newspapers want to know whose shirts you wear."

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