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Chad from MH Memoirs... 5E version

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Pretty cool...but I'd make one change regarding the number of languages that Chad has. Remember that the first book established that Chad's knack for languages is a supernatural gift. He can pick up almost any language he encounters. He even was able to listen to High Fey without his head exploding...I would guess that would mean he could possibly even listen to and pick up "Elder Speech" without going mad (a long shot, I know...but this is a "gift from God" so you never know....).


The best way to reflect that is to create a "Gift" starting with taking the "Languages" skill as a power and then follow that up with a very limited form of empathy/telepathy which allows him to make the leap of comprehension to associate a given sound with what it means.


With the language power, it would be good to give him a 2 point skill level in languages which would allow him to switch languages as needed. That would probably work better than just having him "buy" a new language every time he encounters one.


As for the empathy/telepathy; it would get a limitation which states that he must be able to either hear or read the language to be able to figure it out, as opposed to him actually being able to read emotions or minds.


I've got to go make dinner...but those were my first thoughts on the subject.


But again...good job! I'll definitely use it if somehow Chad shows up in my game.

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