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Not Quite the Arena Games: The Tournament of Heroes!

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Okay, it's been a crazy couple of days at the Pariah household. Nothing serious, just some minor illnesses that knocked the stuffing out of me and the rest of the family. But we're better now, mostly.


Anyway, we now have results for the Round of 16 matches. It will probably be Monday before I'm able to get the next round posted, but let me give you a preview of what you'll see:


Nightwing vs. Luke Cage!


Green Arrow vs. Huntress!


Black Canary vs. Daredevil!


Batman vs. Iron Fist!


Stay tuned!

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Thank you all for your patience. The Quarterfinal matches in the Street Level Tournament of Heroes are now available for voting. We have four very intriguing matchups, so let's hear what you think!

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All right, we have our Semifinalists. Here are the matchups:


Luke Cage vs. Green Arrow!


Batman vs. Black Canary!


I'll post the polls first thing in the morning.

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All right, folks, we have our champions! in the Street Level Tournament of Heroes!


In third place, Luke Cage!





In second place, Batman!





And our Champion, compliments of the Whim of Fate . . . Green Arrow!



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Anyway, I'm now on Spring Recess until April 3rd.  The Tournament of Heroes will take a break until that time as well.  Once I'm back, we'll start qualifying voting for the Open Class Tournament of Heroes.

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I'll post the Open Class Qualifying / Seeding Poll sometime in the next 48 hours. There are quite a few more nominated characters in this group, IIRC, so we may start with 28 characters, with only the Top Four getting an opening round bye.

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Okay, I'm almost ready to start posting matches for the First Round of the Tournament of Heroes Open Class. But first, we have some new venues to look at!


  • El Monfuego
  • Bluewater Oasis
  • Temple of the Ancient Winds
  • Moraine Valley 
  • Gator Bay
  • Eden Island


Click here to read about these new venues, as well as all of the old ones.


Matches to be posted later today...with a twist. Won't that be fun?

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All right, as we prepare to begin the Open Class Tournament of Heroes, there is one small administrative change to announce: The heroes will be divided into four Regionals, with the winner of each Regional advancing to the Semifinals.


I will announce and post the first of these four Regionals today, the second tomorrow, the third on Wednesday, and the fourth on Thursday.  Voting for each regional will last ~48 hours (so voting on today's Regional will close on Wednesday, etc.). Next week, I'll run the next rounds concurrently in some fashion.



Now, let me introduce today's heroes in the Red Regional, from #8 to #1 (spoilered for lots of pictures):





#8 seed: Hawkman!





#7 seed: Hawkeye!





#6 seed: War Machine!





#5 seed: Sub-Mariner!





#4 seed: Wonder Woman!





#3 seed: Iron Man!





#2 seed: Wally West, The Flash!





#1 seed: Spider-Man!







Polls coming soon!

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Later today, I will be posting matchups in the White Regional.  This Regional is on the same side of the bracket, so the winners of Red and White will face off in the Semifinals.


Without further ado, here are our heroes! (Spoilered for lots of pics.)




#8 seed: Shadow Lass!





#7 seed:  Ant-Man (Henry Pym)!





#6 seed:  Winged Victory!





#5 seed: Zatanna!





#4 seed: Colossus!





#3 seed:  Human Torch!





#2 seed:  Big Barda!





#1 seed: Power Girl!







Just a personal note: This group of pictures was really challenging. It was really hard to find good pics for some of these characters. Every Power Girl picture was more ludicrous than the last. Colossus is too wide for the format in most of the pictures I found. There are almost no good pictures of Winged Victory that do not also include The Confessor and/or Samaritan.  And I'm still not thrilled with the picture I have for Barda, but most of the good ones also have Scott. >le sigh< The Commissioner's life is fraught with trials, I suppose.


Anyway, I'll post the matches this afternoon. See you all then!

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The White Regional matchups are now posted.  Voting on these four matches will be open until Thursday afternoon.


Remember, voting on the the Red Regional matchups continues until 5:00 EDT tomorrow.


Coming tomorrow: The Green Regional!

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And now let me introduce the Green Regional!  (Spoilered for lots of pics.)




Seed #8: Psylocke!





Seed #7: Optimus Prime!





Seed #6:  Valkyrie!





Seed #5:  Jade!





Seed #4: Booster Gold





Seed #3: The Flash [barry Allen]!





Seed #2: Captain America!





Seed #1:  She-Hulk!







Matches coming soon!

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And while we're here, let's go ahead and reveal the final group of heroes, the Blue Regional! (Again, Spoilered for many pics.)





Seed #8:  Aquaman!





Seed #7: Storm!





Seed #6: Guy Gardner!





Seed #5: The Tick!





Seed #4: Firestorm!





Seed #3: Invisible Woman!





Seed #2: Scarlet Witch!





Seed #1: The Thing!







I'll post these matches tomorrow. For now, go and vote on the White and Green Regional matches!

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