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The Tournament of Heroes Phase I: Nominations


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Not sure which class but "Nelvana Of The Northern Lights" is worth a try .... ("Nelvana" might be "Unlimited Class").

Are you talking about the 1941 Canadian heroine, or the more modern Canadian demigoddess who's Snowbird's mother?


The former would be Open Class; the latter would be Unlimited Class.

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Okay, folks, it's time to start wrapping it up. Lets close nominations tomorrow at noon EST (29 hours from now, +/- a few minutes). Let's take another 24 hours beyond that to allow for nominations to be seconded. Then I'll start putting together polls. You should be able to start voting by the end of the week.


Remember, only heroes that have been nominated and seconded will be in the polls.


More to come!

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In U-21, second Lightning Lad, and Ms Marvel, and Saturn Girl.


Street Level, second Hong Kong Phooey.


Open, second Aquaman, Karnak, Sif.


Unlimited, second Hal Jordan, Beta Ray Bill, Capiain Marvel Billy.


Sorry, DT, I've never actually seen Astro City.

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All right, I've updated the spreadsheets again. Please check and make sure everything is up to date.  I placed Firestorm in the Open Class. I can move him to Unlimited Class if there are strenuous objections.


Also, it has come to my attention that nobody has Seconded either Blue Beetle (Jaime Reyes in Under 21 or Ted Kord in Street Level). If someone will please rectify this egregious oversight, it would be greatly appreciated.


(I've also noticed that we have nominations for Mister Miracle but not Barda, and for Blue Beetle but not Booster Gold. Curious.)

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I'll second Invincible, Batgirl, Blue Beetle, Bouncing Boy, Magma, Merry, Static, Stargirl and Namorita in Under 21


I'll second Ted Kord in Street level


I'll second Colossus and Nightshade n the Open


I'll second Century, Nightveil and Omni Man in Unlimited


If White Lantern and Rachel Summers are backed we will have 32 in Unlimited

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