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The theory is that tv shows would hurt the box office performance of the feature film franchises. Not only that, but reduce it by an amount not recoverable from advertising and merchandising. Of course, they don't ever seem to think this way when the tv shows are animated, but I can only assume that's because their brains don't work right.

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Powerless Review



Good Parts


Newspaper Headline "President-Elect Luthor vows to make Metropolis Super Again."


Wayne Security Anti-Joker Venom with Voice Over by Adam West.


Marc McClure, Jimmy Olsen in the Christopher Reeve/Superman movies, plays Vanessa Hudgens in a flashback.


Starro being taken out by Green Lantern in a flashback.


Vanessa Hudgens and Alan Tudyk (what, does this mean that Newsreaders has been cancelled?!)



The Bad


Nothing Really yet.  The cast needs time to click.


And Crimson Fox as the main hero? 

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