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Strike Force Archives Incomplete

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I was tapped out when the kickstarter for the new Strike Force ran, and am catching up now, so I just eagerly bought this item.  The Hero store page for the archives says:


"There are exactly 956.5 MB's of material in the directory containing the archives. And 6,928 items. I organized it all, as well as cleaning up file and folder names. Also, two 2,000-3,000 pages PDFs are in this archives"


However, the files I actually were given access to after paying amount to not even 10 megs.  There's no mega-PDFs.  There's about 20 miscellaneous files on Strike Force and a bunch on some other campaign.


The Readme that comes with the files I could download speaks of Campaign Chroncles with thousands of pages, plus Rogues Gallery Files and Strike Force Campaign Files.  None of this is in the actual archive.  All that is available to me is this:




How do I get the rest of the material advertised?  Thanks.

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I'm not sure how often Jason Walters (Hero Games CEO) checks this forum, what with his many other non-Hero duties. You would probably get a faster response by using the "Contact Us" link in the toolbar at the top of the page to send an inquiry; or send Jason a Private Message.


(I'm not a company rep, just trying to facilitate.) :)

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