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ToH: Street Level Qualification / Seeding Poll



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  1. 1. Who will participate in the Street Level Tournament of Heroes? (1 of 2)

    • Batman (Bruce Wayne)
    • Black Canary
    • Black Cat (Felicia Hardy)
    • Blue Beetle (Ted Kord)
    • Cheech Wizard
    • Conan the Barbarian
    • Confessor (Astro City)
    • Crackerjack (Astro City)
    • Danger Girl (Abby Chase)
    • Daredevil
    • Darkwing Duck
    • Deadpool
    • Doc Savage
    • Dr. Midnite
    • Green Arrow
    • Grifter (WildCATs)
    • Groo the Wanderer
    • Huntress
    • Iron Fist
    • Nobody on this list
  2. 2. Who will participate in the Street Level Tournament of Heroes? (2 of 2)

    • Jack in the Box (Astro City)
    • Jessica Jones
    • Luke Cage
    • Mockingbird
    • Moon Knight
    • Multiple Man (Jamie Madrox)
    • Nightwing
    • Peacemaker (Mitchell Black)
    • Quarrel (Astro City)
    • Red Sonja
    • Rorschach
    • Shadowcat (Kitty Pryde)
    • Silver Sable
    • Spirit of '76
    • The Phantom (Kit Walker XX)
    • The Punisher
    • The Rocketeer (Cliff Secord)
    • The Spirit
    • Vash the Stampede (Trigun)
    • Nobody on this list

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Here is the poll to determine the participants in the Tournament of Heroes Street Classification!  We had thirty-eight heroes nominated and seconded for the Tournament. Twenty-four of them will be selected to compete.


The purpose of this thread is twofold. First, this is the Poll where we will determine the participants. Second, this is a place for you to stump for your favorite heroes and heroines!


Your votes will determine who participates! I will close voting on this pool on Tuesday, February 28th at 5:00 p.m. EST. I will have a Moderator close the poll at that time. (Please and thank you.)


I've arranged the candidates in alphabetical order in two lists. Vote for as many or as few as you deem worthy on each list. Vote "Nobody on this list" if that's the case. The top 24 overall will be invited to the tournament and will be seeded according to your votes. Ties will be broken by a formula of my own devising.


Let's get it started!


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There's a surprising number there that I like but did NOT vote for - Batman, for example, is the quintessential street hero in theory but I have a hard time applying the title to anyone who goes toe to toe against truly super powered beings and holds his own.  I voted for Nightwing instead. 


Same for people like Shadowcat and Luke Cage.  She phased a mile long missile through the earth and he can shrug off 50 caliber rounds. That's not street level - the street's just where they work.


I'm going to stump for Huntress - no powers, believable utility belt tricks, and not really known for trick arrows - just a highly athletic woman with a crossbow taking the scum of the city down.  

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Okay, I've tallied the votes, calculated the seeding, and laid out the bracket.


We have what I can only describe as a very unfortunate match in the opening round.


I'll post the bracket and the first round matchups tomorrow!

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All right, I'm starting to get things organized, hopefully with brackets to come later today.


But first, let me introduce you to four new venues for the Street Level tournament.  (We'll also use a few from the Under 21 tournament, by the way.)


1313 Raven Circle
This old mansion was built in the late 1870s by a wealthy, eccentric family. They were rumored to be involved in the occult, although no evidence to support this suspicion was ever confirmed. As time went on, updates were made to the house: indoor plumbing, electricity, even an elevator. The family’s descendants still own the house, although nobody has actually lived in it since the Reagan administration. The house has nearly 90,000 square feet of space and almost a hundred rooms over three floors (and at least one basement; rumors of a second and third sub-basement have never been seriously investigated). It is surrounded by a beautifully-manicured lawn and grounds. This mansion has it all: creaky doors, wobbly staircases, hidden rooms, secret passages, and lights that flicker for no readily apparent reason. Oh, and the house is believed to be haunted by the ghost of the architect who designed the home and then disappeared under mysterious circumstances.
Matches at this venue begin at sundown. Contestants start at random places in the house.
Chicagoland Resort and Casino
The newest mega-casino and hotel on the Strip, Chicagoland seeks to recreate the excitement and mystery of Chicago in the Roaring 20s. Jazz, booze, Art Deco, and a sense of the forbidden all contribute to the ambience that permeates the resort. The facility features three world-class restaurants, plus an all-you-can-eat buffet that features deep dish pizza.  There is a large auditorium, two smaller theaters, and numerous stages for live music performances. There is convention and meeting space, as well as a productivity and printing office. There are hundreds of rooms on twenty-seven floors spread over several towers, all designed to mimic Chicago’s famous skyline. And, of course, there is the gaming floor. There are tables for craps, roulette, blackjack, and poker; a sports betting lounge; and rows upon rows of slot machines.
Matches at Chicagoland begin at 2:00 a.m., just as the crowds are beginning to thin out. One contestant will begin somewhere on the gaming floor; the other will begin elsewhere in the complex.
Desperation Alley
Officially known as the Brown Street neighborhood, Desperation Alley is the darkest, most dangerous place in Century City.  Fifty years ago, this area was filled with brownstones, modern apartment buildings, and family-owned shops. What a difference half a century makes. Today, the streets and buildings are in disrepair, and most of the shops are boarded up. The whole area is blighted and plagued by crime. The only people who live there are those too poor or too disadvantaged to leave.  Homelessness is rampant, and the area’s three shelters are less than adequate. Drug dealers, hookers and pimps, fencers, gang-bangers, and other criminals effectively run the neighborhood. There is a strong police presence here, but it’s not nearly enough.
Matches here begin at dusk.
Port Angelo Harbor
One of the largest shipping facilities in the region, the harbor district in Port Angelo sees dozens of ships arrive and depart each day. There are docks, warehouses, cranes, trucks, rail lines, and all the other facilities necessary to process and distribute the thousands of tons of cargo the city ships out and receives each day. The warehouses are crowded and noisy; the piers are old but solid. This isn’t a place to bring tourists; it’s a place to get things done.
Matches here begin in the pier area around 9:00 p.m. 
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