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2017-18 NFL Thread


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2 hours ago, Cancer said:

I was expecting a Darth Hoodie mind trick to get a bad call in the last couple of minutes and steal a win for New England, but it didn't happen.


Tuned in for the end, first play was the fumble.  I was expecting a review and tuck-like call overturn

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Since you brought it up--I didn't think the commercials were that great this year.  I liked the one with the clergy of various faiths attending a game together, and the Jeep ad with Jeff Goldblum reliving Jurassic Park was pretty good, but the rest were just so-so, including the Tide ads.  (At least they didn't attempt to tell people to "use detergent responsibly"--that would never have worked out.)


For once, the game was better than the commercials--and I didn't have a problem with that.  EAGLES WIN!

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7 hours ago, Old Man said:

Things I liked about this game:


4. It proves that the pass completion rules are broken.


I think I agree with you. The fact that either of those disputed catches required detailed review is proof that the rules are broken.


In determining whether a catch is a catch or not, the first test that should be applied is the Potter Stewart test.

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