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While money is power, ARGENT Management is rather smart. There are tons of rich villains ARGENT is careful enough to not accept money from. Mechanon pays in BitCoins, but they would be a fool to accept. Doctor Destroyer pays in gold, but again, they would be foolish to accept. Captain Cronos pays with future knowledge. Foxbat pays in bananas.

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O.k. with all this talk of the ARGENT Acquisitions, Inhuman Resources, and talk of a sourcebook I'm going to go from general ARGENT structure to something I used as ARGENT's top field agent.


Johnny on the spot doesn't have a costume or a mask. He's always on the phone and will interrupt making threats to heroes and giving orders to his henchmen to convince one guy weither he should invest in squash or beets, another about how to set up his corporation  to avoid a tax in Zimbabwe, and another that He should not invest in  movie because it would bomb.


He usually works with mercenaries or occasionally hires the campain's supervillains. He shows up to steal rare items, or destroy something a corporation's new device. The most annoying thing about him is that when caught he melts into a pile of goo, and his phone blows up. What the heroes in my game never learned was Johnny was a product of Telios cloning tank and ARGENT had a dozen of him in reserve.

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This makes me wish for a Villain Volume 4: Organizations.



Baston Alpha Security

Black Tiger Society (from India)

The Cable

Card Shark

Circle of the Scarlet Moon (expantion)

CoIL (expantion?)

Cult of the Red Banner

Dark Druids (from England/Great Britain)

DEMON (especially important, to advance group beyond 2012)

Duchess Industries (while a legal part of VIPER, they should be there own entry)

Hunter-Patriots (from Canada)


IHA (Minnutman robots and "Operation: Genocide")

The New Purple Gain


PSI (expantion?)


Terror Inc. ("official" version, agent stats for the organization after the death of there leader)

VIPER (could build an Enemies book only on Dragon Branch members)


Officially that is eight organizations to bedevil heroes (and we could even add more). Most of the book would be filled with DEMON and VIPER (and would be a good excuse to do a 6th edition stats for both), but would also be a good excuse to do the Profit And Purity book without actually doing it.


EDIT: Updated this unofficial list. Now we have at least twenty groups with there agents and associate supervillians. I fully expect Card Shark and RAVEN to not be included. I just remember The New Purple Gain, but that group is so tied into Detroit/Millennium City that it is not funny.


Which reminds me, all of these groups, by name, seem to be all World Conquer and Get Rich Quick types. IHA is the only one which seems to want to 'better mankind' (but does it in a way which is way creepy and would leave the population in ruins if they got there way). Perhaps we need CLOWN to lighten the supplement up some... (I'm not the writer of it, so I can't really say, but...)


Also, what is keeping Ourbours from being confused with the supervillain arm of CoIL?

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2018 Q2


[Track One] Champions Villains Four: Organizations will include brief chapters on such well-known groups as VIPER and DEMON, as well as a variety of new evil organizations contributed by the very best in Champions authors!


I'm hoping ARGENT and the IHA will get some love in this.

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You might have missed the "new evil organizations" part of the CV 4 announcement above. ;)


Although the current CU is actually doing pretty well on that front. Besides VIPER, DEMON, ARGENT and the IHA, we have the Circle of the Scarlet Moon (which was officially put in CV 2 as a "villain team," but I would argue is much more an "organization"); the Cult of the Red Banner (substantially detailed in Martial Enemies Vol. 2 -- and there are four other cults to the Dragon mentioned in The Mystic World); Bastion Alpha Security and ICON (both written up in Cops, Crews, And Cabals). Then there are the more regional groups, such as Canada's Hunter-Patriots (from Champions Of The North); Britain's Dark Druids (the followers of Cairngorm, from CV Vol. 3); India's Black Tiger Society, and the Pan-African Brotherhood (both described in relation to their supervillain members, in Champions Wordwide).


EDIT: BTW one of those Draconic cults, Ouroboros, got a fair-sized write-up in The Ultimate Super Mage, and a fully-statted associated supervillain team in Digital Hero #4, so would be pretty easy to update.

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If Jason wanted me to write an updated Ouroboros, I'd be happy to do so, Though IIRC, King Cobra uses the name for his cadre, so there's potential for confusion. It might be better to change the cult's name.


(Though Timothy Blank serves the Dragon in his own special way.)


Dean Shomshak


Oh, I dunno. The CU already has a bunch of characters sharing the same name: two Thunderbolts, two Warmongers, two Eclipses, two Proteuses (Protei?)... Besides, KC's organization is called COIL, of which the Ouroboros is only a subset.


The Ouroboros cult updated by its creator would definitely raise this book on my "must-by" list. :thumbup:

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While I found no specific references to Duchess Industries in relation to ARGENT, based on the description of DI in VIPER: Coils Of The Serpent, I imagine ARGENT view DI much like Advanced Concepts Industries, as their rival in sales of high-tech research and manufacturing. Although ARGENT frequently works with VIPER, I doubt they're aware of VIPER's "partnership" with DI, which is more valuable as a secret.

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If Jason wanted me to write an updated Ouroboros, I'd be happy to do so, Though IIRC, King Cobra uses the name for his cadre, so there's potential for confusion. It might be better to change the cult's name.


Dean Shomshak


Your version of Ouroboros is still officially part of the 6th edition CU, according to the Contacts for the Patriarch in CV2.

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I apologize for the thread revival, but I happened to notice a brief mention of another ARGENT front company in one of my Champions books, which although not detailed implies a very interesting additional dimension to using ARGENT. In addition to this post I've added it to the "ARGENT Front Companies" list earlier on this thread.


The Silverbrook Corporation:  A respected research company and think-tank, Silverbrook is a major defense contractor covering a range of theoretical and applied sciences, from physics and biology to criminology and national security. Superhuman studies is a major subset of its research, which puts it in direct competition with other for-profit companies providing similar services, such as Angelstone Laboratories. But as an ARGENT front Silverbrook's superhuman research is mostly devoted to finding ways to defeat superheroes and assist supervillains. It's likely that villainous ARGENT clients would be able to contract consultation services in those areas. The Silverbrook Corporation is briefly mentioned in the context of Angelstone Laboratories in Cops, Crews, And Cabals.

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