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A Thread for Random Musings

Old Man

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And, since people seem to have missed the shift: No, I am not religious anymore. I am completely a-religious. I am an existentialist and experientialist who respects the numinous. I just think religion presumes to much and man arrogates to re-create god in his own image. I find profound human value in folways, folklore, myth, and religion without being a dyed-in-the-wool believer. To quote the Talmud, "Who is wise? He who learns from every man." And every culture, every faith, every philosophy, every account. I don't have to agree with it en toto to learn something from it. 

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I have a funeral to go to.


It raised the question, "when I die, how do I want my remains disposed of?"


Answer: Funeral Pyre.


I want to be wrapped in a kingly shroud and placed on a high pyre.


Chanting the lineage of my ancestors while wolves howl and owls hoot under a full moon is optional.

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I have no idea what I'm doing.  I almost never let that stop me.  I'm writing query letters for a novel.  It's like a cover letter for work I've already done.  It's like all of my anxieties about the quality of my writing, my work, and myself that I've ever had encapsulated in two pages.


Oh please like me.  Please like my work.  Please like the 100,000 word story that fell through my pen.



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