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A Thread for Random Musings

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Not bad, but surely Hurin rates an honorable mention.  He didn't die because Morgoth ordered he be taken alive, and he single-handedly killed seventy trolls while his axe dissolved in their corrosive blood.  That out-metals Gollum easily by a score of seventy acid-blood trolls to one hobbit finger.  Then Morgoth chained Hurin to a mountaintop to torment him and explicitly did not let him die.  What happens after that can't help being a letdown, but when Satan Itself doesn't let you die, that adds more tungsten to the metal you earned.

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I am doing an objective where I start a book on 1st of the month and finish it by month's end reading a set number of pages per day. The trouble is when you get to a book that grips you or an author and you want to continue regardless. I am reading one of David Weber's Honorverse books and it is getting close to the end. And it has been a real test of will to stop for the day instead of plunging on. 

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I have no idea where to post this, but since it started with a random wonderance of my own, I figure this is as good a place as any. 


I am a bit dejected because my wife will not help me swarch for vaguely corroborative-sounding or complex and difficult-to-read scientific studies to help me in my project.   :(


Maybe some folks here know where I might look.  At any rate, I feel it is of utmost importance to the survival and advancement of mankind that I make this happen:


I am tryinf to start a rumor that Facebook causes autism. 


I think this can only help us in the long run. 

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