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A Thread for Random Musings

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I can't just 'talk' on the phone.  I can't do it.  To my brain, the phone is only to be used for conveying necessary facts, information or instructions.  I've tried...I really have, but the words necessary to just have a 'conversation' never, every appear.  Weird.

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That's ahead of me.  I think of the phone as an intrusive ogre, the satanic tool used by others to demand services from you, attempt to cheat you out of money, or put lies ("grossly biased opinions" seems to be the newspeak for that) in your head, at any hour of the day independent of your own circumstances.  My gut reaction to the phone ringing is a desire to draw the sidearm, put two rounds into the phone, holster the sidearm and go back to what I was doing.


(It shows that my father was on call 24/7/365 for most of my formative years, so when the phone rang at home it was usually to take Dad away.)

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Ten Americanisms that annoy British people


Wait on something. It is wait for. As in wait for a bus, the bank to open. Waiters serve tables, they don't wait on them.

Gotten is wrong except in the use of ill gotten gains. You will find it in the classic 'And I would have gotten away with it if it weren't for you meddling kids'

You do the math. Math is singular but Mathematics is plural. 

Which pants are you wearing. Pants, panties etc are what you wear under trousers. Also It's pants meaning it is rubbish makes no sense as it is trousers and jeans are not rubbish unless you are talking about golf apparel. Similarly gas is petrol if you are in Britain. Sneakers are trainers/training shoes; Band Aid is a plaster.

The First Floor. We have the ground floor and the first floor is the one above it.

Have a Nice Day.  The hatred for this stems back to American Express and their advert in the 70s. It seems forced and insincere. Try saying it in a regional British accent and you can understand why this is despised. I heard this in Woolworths in the States and it was not meant, it was pro rata.

Quite Right. Quite is not a blanket substitute for very. So quite damaged in Britain is not damaged beyond repair. And explain Quite Intelligent and Quite Beautiful. 

Alternative Facts. And this one comes from the Trump administration.

Least Worst Option. You can have a best option or good options.

I Could Care less. It actually is I Couldn't Care Less. I Could Care Less implies that there is more caring to do.


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