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A Thread for Random Musings

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I live with three other humans and three cats in a house.  Cats, of course, sleep all the time anyway, but none of the humans are what I would call "morning people", and generally sleep until at least ten AM, and often rather later.


During the pandemic, I lecture from my workstation in the basement, but the house is such that you can't really escape hearing me just about everywhere in the house.  More than half of my classes are morning classes.


So in effect, what the pandemic is doing is teaching my family -- and hence presumably many other families of college instructors -- is to sleep through lectures.

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Deeply amusing to get invited to a physics study group channel (created by & for students who are in my classes) on Discord.  I wonder how many sphincter-clench reactions there'll be when they see that I've popped in there.

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Some people have become so addicted to bingeing television content that they get upset when a new streaming show is released weekly instead of all at once. I feel that most of this is just First World Problems whinging. However, there's a case to be made that the weekly release format is incompatible with the actual narrative structure of many shows, especially if they are serial rather than episodic in nature.


Back in the old days, before the streaming era, tv shows were released weekly (or daily in the case of soap operas and game shows) regardless of the narrative structure of the show. Most of the time this wasn't a problem since serialized stories weren't the norm. It didn't matter if you remembered what happened in the previous weeks' episodes because little to none of it was going to be relevant to the new episode anyway. But I feel that as serialized storytelling becomes more prevalent, weekly releases become harder to justify.


Here's what I think is a good rule of thumb: If your show needs to have a "Previously on..." segment at the beginning of every episode, just to help people remember what they saw in previous weeks, then it should probably be a Netflix-style all-at-once show. If your show doesn't need that, then weekly release is perfectly fine since chances are it isn't employing a serialized narrative that audiences need to keep up with.


Lastly, for those who feel Disney/Marvel should have released WandaVision all at once (I'm looking at you, Grace Randolf), well, had they chosen to do that you'd still be waiting for it since the visual fx aren't all done yet.

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I would argue that it is entirely appropriate for WandaVision to be released weekly, if for no other reason than to give viewers a week to process what happened before the next one comes along.


On 1/29/2021 at 1:19 PM, Logan.1179 said:



Dolly came in third, as I recall.

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Disney is releasing the D+ shows weekly, is because of Game of Thrones. Yes & no. It is to allow each show to build an audience, and that happens when you discuss it over the “water cooler” with friends, work colleagues, social media, etc.


The more people talk about the show, the longer future it has, and more successful it becomes. To maximise this mean to air episodes weekly, regardless if it a episodic or a serial storytelling structure. 

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Use the command line, Luke!


(from Nature)


(Cue up the canned diatribes about the intrinsic inferiority of GUI's for most data handling, let alone mass data handling; my decades-old holding-forth about having a mastery of one's tools rather than let them be the master of you; embittered snarls that Excel was written for brain-dead business types and intentionally impedes progress in quantitative understanding; a litany of war stories about data handling, unknowingly-induced artifacts installed into data by brains diminished by infestations of the GUI worms; etc. etc.)


And I am dismayed that this sort of thing is even necessary.

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I don't know what my deal is, but I keep bumping into things today--doors, desks, chairs, etc.


This, combined with the fact that we're having our first real snowstorm of the season, makes me a little nervous about driving home this afternoon.

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Man, is it cold - 15 degrees - and only going to get colder for the rest of the week.  Ouch!  So I am 51 years old and my tolerance for cold has REALLY dropped in the last few years.  25 years ago I was stationed in ND for a few years and had absolutely no problem with temperatures like this for months straight.  Now, the minute I step outside and it is below freezing I just fall apart. :cry:

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