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Suggestion for crafting teleportation circle spell?

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Basically, the idea is that the caster spends five minutes creating a magic circle and casting a spell, and once done, the spell lasts for about twenty minutes (as per 1 lasting charge). The problem is, is that it is supposed to be used by up to eight people at a time, and anyone can use it, for as long as the spell lasts. Effectively, it gives anyone who stands in the circle the ability to use a megascale teleport to anywhere on the planet for no END, as the magic of the circle does all the work.


I considered just using gate, but the way it is supposed to work is that it is not only one way, but allows the user to go anywhere they want. They just stand in the circle, think about where they want to go, and they suddenly appear there, so a gate that leads to one place wouldn't work either.


I have some ideas, I just don't know the right advantages to use, or at least, what ways to use them.


I was thinking Usable on others, no conscious control and uncontrolled, but I am not entirely sure how to go about all the details, simply because while it takes concentration, incantations, gestures, etc, to make it, once made, using it takes no time, so no one else has to spend that amount of time doing all the rituals and such, so I don't know how granting the powers to others would work, especially since I am possibly granting it to others beyond the original 8.


Any advice would be appreciated, and my thanks in advance.

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Edition could have implications.


From my melange of rule memories, if I were asked about this by one of my players I would be asking them to describe in game terms (which you have done) and then sit while I run through mechanical questions to see where the true path might lie.


This spell, once cast, sits in one place that people have to move to.  When they do, they can teleport themselves and up to eight others to any location in the world??


If that is the case then how do they avoid the issues of blind teleporting?  Is that a risk they take?  Does the power have to give them the ability to 'see' their target location?


I am thinking in terms of a mega-scale teleport, x8 mass.  I am thinking Immobile physical manifestation.  I am thinking of making the physical manifestation a +0 universal focus limitation.  The focus provides for anyone holding it to use the power, that is both good and bad like any universal focus.  It is worth nothing because all the limitation it might have is tied up in the physical manifestation.


If there is a need to provide targetting there should also be a clairsentience, only to target the teleport, requires INT roll (to clearly enough picture the location for the TP to get a fix).



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This sounds like some type of ritual for teleport.  What immediately comes to my mind is:

  1. OAF arrangement
  2. Extra Time: Just to activate
  3. Constant
  4. Safe Blind Teleport (instead of clairvoyance)
  5. Usable nearby and/or area of effect
  6. gestures, incantations, skill roll, etc.


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