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  • Champions Day (also known as "Day of Champions" or "City of Champions Day") is a special day that was set aside in to commemorate a number of sporting victories and accomplishments by Detroit, Michigan natives and teams in the early 1930s, and especially the 1935–36 sports season. This season was called "...the most amazing sweep of sport achievements ever credited to any single city" by the Windsor Daily Star. This sports season featured, among other Detroit national championships, the rise of Joe Louis in the professional boxing world, the Detroit Tigers winning their first World Series, the Detroit Lions winning their first NFL championship, and the Detroit Red Wings winning their first NHL championship.

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"While I'm afraid I'm too busy ensuring the safety and security of the people to join in the festivities, I am both proud and humbled at the triumph of the human spirit this achievement represents."


Caped Good Guy.


"Just like the ancient romans being distracted by bread and circuses while the weed of greed and crime pulls society into the bloody muck."


Anti hero


"Let me guess you didn't get any invites to  a party again this year did you?"


Caped Good Guy




"Man is it that time of year already? Now what sports related thing can I steal and keep it in my theme?"


Theme obsessed criminal


"Who care dolt! Today takes the focus off my greatness and for that this city must pay!"


Power hungry meglamaniac villain.

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Finally! I can kidnap NPC's and put them in dangerous circumstances that can be solved by passing odd sports themed challenges! My life is complete!


theme obsessed villian # 202

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​"OMG!! It's a holiday for us superheroes,adult and Teens!?"

​Liberty,the Platinum Patriot


​"Guess that includes us Mystic Heroes as well ,Right?"

​Magistar II(Allegra Davison)


​"Hell Yeah! It's a Holiday for All us heroes, Super and Non-super!"

​NEON The Living Laser


​"Don't forget the Athletes as well as the regular heroes out there!"

SAGA,The Tomorrow Man


​"Don't Forget! We heroines need to be praised too!"


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