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Stuck on "Loading Plugins" in Ubuntu 16.04

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This is the sequence of events:


1. In my home directory, created a programs folder.

2. Extracted the contents of the HERODesigner.zip file (freshly downloaded) to that folder. 

3. Checked to make sure I had full read/write rights to all the folders and files.

4. Double clicked on HD6.jar.

5. It starts up, but stalls on the "Loading Plugins" screen.


I installed the HERO Combat Manager and it's working fine.


I'm at a loss, please help.

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I'll need some more information in order to determine what's going wrong on your system.


Let's start with the trace.log file (in the directory that you're running HD6.jar from) -- it's a text file, so just copy/paste the contents here and I'll take a look.


If that file doesn't exist, then the user that HD is running under does not have rights to the directory that you're running from.

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Interesting. If I run HD6.jar from the command line (java -jar HD6.jar) it works. If I double click on the icon, it does not. Looks like it's an Ubuntu issue. I'll post a solution when I figure one out.



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Work around: Run it from a command line.


1) Browse to the folder with HD6.jar
2) Press Ctrl + Alt + T

3) Type in:  java -jar ./HD6.jar


It should start up.


Will update as I get more solutions.

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The solution for Ubuntu 16.04 to create a desktop shortcut.


1. Right click on the desktop, New Document -> Empty Document.

2. Open the "Untitled Document" with your preferred text editor and enter the following, modified to your specific situation.

[Desktop Entry]
Name=HERO Designer
Comment=HERO Designer Build 20170109
Exec=bash -c "cd /path/to/your/HERODesigner/folder && java -jar HD6.jar"

3. Save the file.

4. Rename the file "HERO Designer.desktop"

5. Right click on the "HERO Designer.desktop", click on the Permissions tab, and put a check in the "Allow executing file as program", close the window


You should now have a HERO Designer desktop icon. Double click and it should start up the program.

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